Labor, Unions, and Social Change
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Transit Union Dissidents Urge Members to Reject Contract What Labor Cannot Say Protesters lash out against wage cuts
Batay Ouvriye's Smoking Gun:
The 100,000 NED Grant
Criticism of Cesar Chavez Compiled in Links:
  1. Farmworkers Reap Little as Union Strays From Its Roots
  2. "Cesar Chavez's Fall From Grace", /Village Voice/.
United Farm Workers Leave AFL-CIO
WORKING CLASS VIDEOS — MOVIES & DOCUMENTARIES (*INCLUDING LABOR VIDEOS) Northwest Gets Another Concession Contract from Union Michael Yates"  The trouble with Chavez: a union is not a 'movement
NYC transit workers reject contract by margin of 7 votes  Unions kept pace with growing U.S. workforce in 2005
UAW Responds To 30000 Ford Layoffs
Two Trade Unions Break Away From Alliance
Prison guards lock up bundle in OT pay
F.B.I., in Bid-Rigging Inquiry, Raids Offices of Labor Leader

SEIU's Stern champions union reforms in the new economy

Salt of the Earth -- movie available for downloading online

Concessions spark UAW bickering
Employers Sharply Criticize Shift in Unionizing Method to Cards From Elections
Union Chief Will Seek New Vote on Rejected Transit Contract
Marx' Reserve Arny of Labor Goes Global The Spectacle of Labor at the Trough SEIU and Catholic Church Lobby to Halt Mayday Actions
Unionists Challenge AFL-CIO-CIA Foreign Policy
May Day Rallies Are Mostly Peaceful

James Green on Haymarket and Mayday

SDS and "Fist-ory"

Mobbing in Academia
Italiano Steps Down 2005 Wages of Big Labor Bosses $239,106 Average
Immigrants, Other Minorities Must Find Unity Buy American (all over again)

Andy Stern, the New Boss

Counterpunch On Immigrant Rights UAW Shrinks as Membership Retires SEIU Threatens California Strike
Failed Solidarity: The ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT in Haiti U.A.W. Facing Tough Choices, Leader Warns
Somber Tone and Protest as U.A.W. Convenes
AFL-CIO to invest $700 million in Big Easy rebuilding projects Union dissidents wage lonely battle
The New Face of Solidarity A.F.L.-C.I.O. Files a Trade Complaint Against China's Labor Practices
UAW dissenters speak out
No Retreat, No Surrender (They Hope) The AFL-CIO’s Second Century
NYC schoolbus drivers demand action against indicted officers
Delphi top execs get more bonuses
GM Builds Plant In Mexico I can pay one half the working class to guard the other
UAW says it's open to help ailing Ford AFL-CIO Embraces Immigrants In Pact With Day-Laborer Group
UAW Sells Out Retiree Health Care
Members for Change Ford buyout plan chills UAW locals
UAW Sellouts Have Workers Fighting For Ten Bucks an Hour
Michigan Prefers Optional Union Dues AFL To Waste $40 million on Democrats 
UAW Bans Marines
LaborTalk: Unions Add New Millions for Organizing, But Will It Result in Winning Campaigns? Carpenter Union Boss Off To Jail Kim Scipes: The AFL-CIA and Venezuela
UAW Strike Drags on 6 Months
Brian McLaughlin, NYC Central Labor Hack, Indicted for More Criminal Theft NYC labor honcho indicted 
AFL Gangsters Seek to Cover NY Boss' Crimes SEIU: Party Central CTW’s Tight Control by Seven Male Leaders
Open Letter to Institute of Policy Studies School Bus Drivers Angered by Corruption in Union
ICFTU Replaced by a New Global Labor Organization The Enigma of Andy Stern 3: Andy Stern Brashly Split the AFL-CIO In a Reckless Gamble He’d Do Better
The Enigma of Andy Stern 4: Stern’s ‘Change to Win’ Has Serious Flaws; Why He Can’t Achieve His Big-Time Goals
The Enigma of Andy Stern 6: Stern’s Book Places Him in New Role For ‘Getting America Back on Track’ Bob King Urges Members to Quit Ford
LaborTalk: Stern Tells Bosses to Drop Health-Care Plans; Millions of Workers Could Lose Coverage US Army might break Goodyear strike UAW Set to Give More Concessions to Chrysler
Goodyear, Steelworkers Union Reach Tentative Deal Photos From The Rouge



In These Times: The Fight for Labor's Future: 2005 Union membership drops again 2005 Labor Leaders Reject Rival Plan to Shift More Money to Organizing
AFL-CIO Foreign Policy Leaders Help Develop Bush's Foreign Policy, Target Foreign Unions for Political Control
CTA Dumps Big Bucks In LA Mayor Campaign, Battles AFL-CIO United Can Dump Pension Plans, Bankruptcy Judge Says
Can a 'Third Way' Save the AFL-CIO from Break-Up and Open Warfare?
American Labor Studies Center Labor Educator
Labor Splits Open 90% of Solidarity Center’s Annual Budget
Comes from Payoffs by U.S. Government
San Francisco Labor History and Tour A More Perfect Union
DC 37 backs Billionaire Bloomberg
Staughton Lynd’s remarks on Solidarity Unionism
Ambitions Are Fueling a Division of Labor AFL Split and Its International Spy Policy
Top 10 Problems with the Current Debate in the Labor Movement
AFL-CIO conference passes pro-war resolution Let the Raiding Begin
SEIU Splits, Hits Afscme
Corzine Gave $470,000 Loan to Head of Union
David Bacon on the Union War
Fiery airline mechanics go it alone
Labor takes hit as solidarity split Unions, Bosses, and Feds Work Together to Smash Northwest Strike

Dozens Hurt After China Factory Protest

Unionized Cops of the World Uniting
Boeing Machinists Vote to Strike US HSA Unions: We'll be Fascists, Just Give Us A Contract
The AFL-CIO and the Iraq war
Ex-Teamsters official convicted in union election swindle UFCWA Forces Another Vote On Detroit Sellout Contract
27th Annual North American Labor History Conference
The United Association for Labor Education
4th Union Quits A.F.L.-C.I.O. in a Dispute Over Organizing
Anna Burger to Head Breakaway Labor Group

GM/UAW Gut Retiree Health Care, Plan 25,000 Layoffs, To Spin Off GMAC
U.S. Labor Is in Retreat as Global Forces Squeeze Pay and Benefits TOM WALSH: GM retirees bear brunt of deal Union Offers Details of Health Deal With G.M.
UAW Maneuvers to Halt Retiree Suits on Benefit Sellout
Demands for Labor Givebacks Grow More Aggressive; Union Leaders Increasingly Must Push for Concessions In Wake of GM-UAW Pact
NYU GRAD AIDES WALK UAW Lost Another 30,000 Members in 2004
UAW Sells Out Health Care at Fords to Top 2005
Ralphs indicted on federal charges in 2003 SoCal grocery strike
Uniquely Aggrieved, and Empowered, Union Digs in Again
WORKERS DISPUTE UAW VOTE: Some threaten to appeal Ford health care deal's slim win Big Labor's Big Secret  


Rouge blast will be among costliest  Honda plant threatens UAW State, Ford at odds in probe: 
Rouge workers worried about safety before blast 
Another Rouge suit filed:
Injured worker says maintenance neglected 
Pay Gap Between Workers and Bosses Explodes
Ford Rouge Fined For Deadly Explosion Americans Work Longest Hours Labor Unions and the Net
Corruption in AFSCME DC37 Bosses in Non-Profits Steal the Milk Money California Labor History Outline
Rouge Meltsdown Again Ex-Teamster official convicted Another Worker Hurt at Rouge
UAW Members Reject Lordstown Contract Lawsuit for Dead Worker, Ford Says "All Lies" Another Fire at the Rouge
Ford Paid 8,000$ Bonus to Living Workers in 2000
Saved the money by Killing a Few Others
AFSCME Gangsters UAW Attacks Unionist to Cover Up Rouge Blast
AFL-CIO Wants your vote (ie, money and mind) USA: Major Work Stoppages 1999 Ex-Teamsters Official Sentenced to 3 Years
  UAW Lost 10% in 1999  UAW Probed for More Corruption
While the Real Corruption is Untouched
IWW How to Organize a Union
Historiography of the IWW Bogus Low Wage Unionism: The Facts Behind the Justice For Janitors Campaign AFCME/SEIU/TEAMSTER Corruption
rouge blows up again  AFL-CIO Hits New Membership Low in 2000 Teamster Dilema: The I.S.' Gangster, or the Gangster?
Autoworkers Sue The UAW UAW Loses Another 10% of its Members More AFSCME OFFICERS Stealing
Staughton Lynd On Union Reform
UAW Racketeers Running Company Union? Corrupt UAW Buys off Itself
UAW Investigation Part 3 The UAW and for-profit Radio
What a Tangled Web
Jo Labadie and His Gift to Michigan
AFL-CIO backs Oil Drilling in Alaska . U.S. Labor History: Research Institutions UAW Bids On Palm Springs Resort
Teamsters Get Cozy with Republicans, again UAW Crushed in Nissan Vote (unions Section) National Guard Scabbed on Minnesota Strike
The Rebellion in Los Angeles To Rebuild Is Not Enough
(On the LA Crisis)
Child Labor
Robin Kelley Interviews Herbert Aptheker on History (1) Robin Kelley Interviews Herbert Aptheker on History (2) Rose Freedman, Last Survivor of Triangle Fire, Dies at 107
National Guard Scabbed on Minnesota Strike Death on the Job, 5915 in 2000 Mike Quinn on the San Francisco General Strike
How Industrial Unionism Was Won:
The Press and the San Francisco General Strike Tire Workers Make Concessions, Lose Jobs and Pensions
Unions Unfit to Meet Attacks on Workers 2002: Union Size Stagnates As Far As He Could See by Gregg Shotwell (a poem)
National Endowment for Democracy Behind the Venezuela Coup Social Democrats USA: Group Watch Report New UAW Boss Profiled
Union Boss Salary Figures For 2000 SF Labor Council, Cowardly Retreat on the War  Teamsters Seize Northwest Local
The Wheatland California Farmworker Rebellion Mexican-American Organizing in California Feds Threaten Military Scabs for Dock Strike
Working People In California in the 1930's (WPA Guide) UAW Steve Yokich Dies, Not a Single Worker Quoted in Memorials Labor History Timeline
IWW preamble Three UAW Bosses Face Indictment UAW Bosses Indicted For Scamming Workers
Gender and Class in US Labor History Unions go Republicans West Coast Dock strife could return as year end crisis   (stratfor)
Dockworkers Slowdown Boils Up Cornell Grad students say no to the UAW by a wide margin The Corporatization of the Unions by Jim Smith
Jane Slaughter: Labor's Enron AFL-CIO Salaries History of the AFL-CIO "Leadership"
Mechanics Reject Union Sellout at United United, the Union, and Machinists at Odds on Vote Calif Prison Guards Pay Off Legislators on Maui
United Bankrupcy: why mechanics rejected givebacks Jim Prickett: Communists and the Communist Issue in the American Labor Movement, 1920-1950 First strike in 20 years against GE, one striker killed
US Unions turning against war How to Get Your Union Boss's Salary and Related Figures: Assoc. For Union
Forbes Magazine on the State of the Unions
2003: Union Membership Drops Again Palace Coup at AFL-CIO
Sweeney Scabs on Anti-War Movement
Ullilco Scam Splits AFL-CIO Bosses
UAW Backs Move to Cut Pensions For Blue Collar Workers
Labor's Cold War
Why America Outpaces Europe (Clue: The God Factor)
UAW says it will fight health cuts
More Ford job cuts needed, execs told
Holt Labor Library -- Labor Studies and Radical History
Analysis of the Chrysler Bailout
Firestorm over foreign workers  Vincent Chin and the Chrysler Bailout
UAW's Largest Local Faces Concessions Bargaining
UAW Can't Organize the South, Or Anybody DaimlerChrysler to pay $300 million to settle suit by investors over 1998 merge
The Victory of Speedup and Layoffs: Productivity
Characteristics Of Minimum Wage Workers: Dept of Labor
Workers Pay 50% More for Health Care
UAW Racketeer Sellout Finalizes Corporate Unionism 2003
Who Won What: Details of the UAW Sellout NYTimes Praises Corporate-State Unionism/UAW Pact UAW Racketeers Agreed to Lose 50,000 Jobs
The UAW Lied on Lost Jobs in the Contract
The Flint Sit-Down Strike Audio Gallery
Union Lied: Nothing In UAW Pact to Organize Chrysler
General strike in Italy
Class Struggle 101 by Barbara Ehrenreich
Wal-Martization of the USA, or NY Times for cheap labor but not so bluntly UAW's Largest Local Makes Wage and Benefit Concessions
Staughton Lynd Against the AFL-CIO
A Speech to the Wobblies

Brits' Teacher Union Abandons Exam Boycott: Teachers Support the Big Tests
Grocery Bosses Shut Down Striker Health Benefits Scab Nuckols Runs Show for Ralphs Teamsters Decide to Scab, UFCW Begs to Make Concessions--Grocery Bosses Hammer Down
UFCW Bargains Massive Wage Cut in Detroit
UAW Loses 1 Million Members, May Cut Staff
Secret Concessions Talk Collapse, Background on Grocery Strike Ca Prison Cops Hit By Judges Ruling
What for union racketeers after defeat of Gephardt and Dean? UAW Hustles More Concessions At the Rouge
UAW Sell Outs Cut 3 Tier Wage Deal
Background on the Grocery Strike
Grocery Strike Sellout Pending Supermarkets, Union Reach Tentative Pact Grocery Union Racketeers SellOut Rank and File After 5 Month Strike
Workers Ratify Grocery Sellout
"Theyre all thieves, the bosses and the union..."
NY Daily News on  Crooked Teamsters
UAW Sells Out Visteon-Ford Workers With Two-tier Wage System AFL-CIA in Venezuela
US and Canadian Auto Worker Unions Go To War Mimicking the Imperial Bosses UAW Drops to Lowest Numbers Since 1942
DC 37 Kneels to Two Tier Wage System Union Critic at Sell Out Jeep Unit Attacked with Brick and Bullets
UAW Racketeers To Set Up Two Tier 7 Year Deal at Delphi, Visteon
Investigators Quit Bogus Teamster Corruption Task Force Latino Short-Haul Truckers Take Direct Action For Mayday in LA
The Deadly Parallel: Comparing the IWW and the AFL in Wartime
UAW Racketeers Fail Again at Toyota in 2004
Cal Prison Guards Unions Rules Jails CWA Cuts Five Year Deal with SBC
Broward Union Racketeer Convicted 
UAW Slashes Staff--Budget In Crisis
Chrysler boss ; Union Boss
60,000 strike DaimlerChrysler, or the end of the German social contract
SEIU chief says Dems lack fresh ideas Stern: Labor Better Off if Kerry Loses
Business Week: Can Andy Stern save labor?  South African Public Workers' Strike
SEIU Boss Threatens AFL
Thieves Fall Out: Stern Slugs Sweeney at AFL Flippy Guerrilla Street Theater
Stores, Workers Still Feel Sting of Supermarket Labor Fight National Endowment for Death Squads and AFL-CIO