The New York Times Vietnam Archive Ho Chi Minh in The New York Times Time on Ho Chi Minh
Cosmic Baseball Association on Giap Ho Chi Minh: an appreciation Biography of Ho Chi Minh
Vietnam War Crimes Hearings The Anti-War Movement We are Supposed to Forget H. Bruce Franklin in the Chronicle of Higher Education Whither J.J?? HE RAN AWAY....
Bob Kerrey, War Criminal Kerrey, War Criminal and Liar

Colin Powell War Criminal

Colin Powell part two

War Crimes Tribunal on Vietnam Godena and Cockburn on Kerrey and the Liberals Montagnard's Still Run By CIA
Villagers Remember Kerrey Why I Released the Pentagon Papers 
by Daniel Ellsberg
Big Minh Dies (2001)
Cultural Blowback from US Support for Viet Reaction WeatherWoman Boudin Denied Parole STATEMENT ON BOB KERREY
Thieu, the Puppet, is Dead (2001) Brian Wilson on Kerrey and Phoenix Port Huron Statement of SDS (1962)
Weathermen, Agent-provacateurs, Set Up as Radicals The Rise and Fall of the AntiWar Movement in the US More Of Kissinger's Lies on Vietnam
Nixon: "Nuke Vietnam" Vietnam's General Tien Dung Dies
Ed Moise's Vietnam Bibliography
Edwin Moise Bibliography of the Vietnam War GI Revolts: The Breakdown of the U.S. Army in Vietnam by Richard Boyle Vietnam, the Soldiers' Rebellion by  Joel Geier
Col. Remembers being ordered to napalm village in NAM
Review of Ellsberg: Secrets Book Review: The Education of Lt Kerrey
Chalmers Johnson On Daniel Ellsberg, Vietnam, and Our Times
Elite US Unit Massacred Vietnamese
Buried Secrets, Brutal Sins
John Kerry, What he Said About Vietnam
Pueblo's Bucher Dies

John Kerrey Admits, then Denies, He is a War Criminal

Who Supported the US Troops in Vietnam, and Who Attacked Them by Alan Spector
Drunken Nixon, Lying Kissinger, Revealed on Tapes
Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence
By Rev. Martin Luther King
Black Sailors Rebel Against Vietnam War: The Kitty Hawk Uprising Grover Furr's Vietnam War Page Vietnam: Defeat U.S. Imperialism
General Westmoreland Dies at 91; Led U.S. in Vietnam
Gen. S.W. Koster, 86, Who Was Demoted After My Lai, Dies Giap Attakcs Viet Social Fascist Corruption
Getting Away With Murder
Bob Kerrey: the Life and Times
of a Throat-Slitter
The Phoenix Program, My Lai and the “Tiger Cages”
Weather Underground Rises from the Ashes: They're Baack! The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Vietnam War Movement in the U.S.

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