Sun, 22 Oct 2006 16:22:28 -0700
NYC labor honcho indicted 
        Yesterday's federal indictment of Brian McLaughlin -- who is both
the President of the NYC Central Labor Council and a Queens
assemblyman -- throws some light on the life styles of some of the
labor lieutenants of capitalism. McLaughlin is accused of stealing
millions from his assembly job and from various unions, as well as
accepting bribes from contractors. Over the years, McLaughlin has
been promoted in the labor press as a true "fighter for workers'
rights." It turns out that he was mostly fighting to enrich himself,
but apparently got a little too greedy, or perhaps stepped on the
wrong foot.

        Among other things, McLaughlin, whose annual salary for his union
and assembly jobs is already $260, 000, is charged with:

** Using campaign funds to renovate his $760,000 house in Suffolk
County, and pay his country club membership fees. He also has a
residence in Queens and one in Albany.

** Using stolen money to pay for an $80,000 Mercedes-Benz for his
wife and pay for marina fees for his boat.

        As head of the sellout Central Labor Council, McLaughlin poses as a
friend of workers -- he fought to keep WalMart out of NYC and has
spoken at rallies for immigrant rights and in support of transit
workers. The truth, however, is that he was a protege of Harry Van
Arsdale Jr., the conservative forrmer President of the CLC, who
supported the war in Vietnam, opposed efforts to desegregate the
construction industry, and was a friend of the political
establishment. McLaughlin, following in the same tradition, was one
of the first labor leaders to support billionaire Bloomberg for re- election.

        Labor leaders who have life styles closer to that of the bosses than
to an average worker, who are in bed with and accepting money from
the owners, who support the very political leaders who enforce anti- strike laws against city workers, and who steal money from the union
coffers, are enemies of the working class.