Recession/Bank Rescue/Economic Stimulus 2009





Ford to Cut Up to 30,000 Jobs and 14 Plants in Next 6 Years
General Motors Posts Big Loss
GM loses $8.6B Takes hit for layoffs, Delphi promises better 2006
Laid Off Ford Workers to Get Paid Wages up by smallest amount in nine years BEHIND THE JOBS LETDOWN
The State of Opportunity in the US 2006 37 Million Americans Now Live In Poverty (2-2006)
War Criminal, Thief, and Rat Cunningham Whines at Sentencing G.M. Sells Big Stake in Loan Unit DSM Paid Off By Drug Companies
2007: Michigan to Lose 67,000 More Jobs
Sales of American Autos Fell Sharply in May
GM Builds Plant In Mexico
Americans Have Fewer Friends Outside the Family, Duke Study Shows What's the real federal deficit?
NWA: Dumpster Dive Your Pay
Ford Sets Steep Cuts to Vehicle Production
Ford buyout plan chills UAW locals UAW Sellouts Have Workers Fighting For Ten Bucks an Hour Former Ill. gov gets 6 1/2 years in prison
Ford to Offer Buyouts To All UAW Workers Ford, Big 3, Detroit Schools, and Tigers in Free Fall. Whither Detroit?
Chrysler Joins Auto FreeFall
Cunningham's Corrupt Wife Gets Slapped Wrist
Bob Ney, Guilty but Still at Capitol Ford Posts Loss of $5.8 Billion, Worst Since 1992
Home Price Drop Is Largest in 35 Years
Andy Stern: Changing How America Works (really?) The Big Three and Slave Labor
Frantic day's trading sends dollar into freefall Ford: 38,000 UAW members take buyouts Rapid dollar decline is likely to destabilise the global economy
The Race to the Bottom Goes Global The Big Boys
Kevin Horrigan: A Wall Street Christmas story Quality ADHD/ADD Information, Resources, Support and Help
Toyota to overtake GM as top automaker Toyota Is Poised to Supplant G.M. as World’s Largest Carmaker  



Prof Gunder Frank on the fall of the dollar Car Clones and Other Tales of the Mighty Economic Engine Known as China U.S. Trade Deficit Hits $58.3 Billion as Chinese Imports Surge
Ex-Chief of WorldCom Is Found Guilty in $11 Billion Fraud
DCX may supply U.S. from China Hints of Revaluation Emerge as China's Currency Briefly Floats
Standard & Poor's Cuts Ford and G.M. Debt Rating to Junk Status
Real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years General Motors Plans to Cut 25,000 Jobs in Next 3 Years
For Chinese, Peasant Revolt Is Rare Victory Former Tyco executives convicted of looting company of millions of dollars
Microsoft to Pay I.B.M. $775 Million to Settle Antitrust Claims
Ebbers Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for $11 Billion Fraud

Kmart settles employee lawsuit
The Imperfect Storm Safe as Houses
Ex-WorldCom Officer Sentenced to 5 Years in Accounting Fraud
San Diego's Audit Firm Bosses Indicted
Buy American? Not GM! Parts Suppliers Squeezed
Tyco Bosses Head to Jail, Wrists Slapped Find The Brownie
Quote: I think we in Michigan are about to find out exactly how angry workers can get.
GM/UAW Gut Retiree Health Care, Plan 25,000 Layoffs, To Spin Off GMAC
U.S. Labor Is in Retreat as Global Forces Squeeze Pay and Benefits
Indictment Broadens in Shelters at KPMG
TOM WALSH: GM retirees bear brunt of deal Bill Gates dumps dollar for euro
California Group Steps Into Vacuum on the Left Wal-Mart Memo Suggests Ways to Cut Employee Benefit Costs
The End of Pensions
Big Drop in October for Detroit
A New Weapon for Wal-Mart: A War Room
GM Workers Buy UAW Health Care Betrayal News Tycoon Stole Millions, U.S. Charges Ford to Dump 4000 bosses
G.M. to Cut 30,000 Jobs and Close Some Factories Mix of Shock and Resignation on G.M. Shop Floors Set to Close
War Criminal Duke Cunningham Whines  Guilty At Bribery Plea U.S. Trade Deficit Hits New Record of $68.9 Billion
Copley News Hack Quits; Paid By Abramoff Kerkorian unloads 12 million GM shares
The Pimping of the Presidency  

Michigan Economy Plunges toward Crisis The Recession Slowly Spreads Ford Loses $5.5 Billion
Argentia Will Not Pay Government Workers, Prez Got a 13 % raise.. Washington Post Layoffs List Post 911 US Joblessness Hits Eight Year High
National Economic Crisis Reflected in State Budgets Brazil Teeters on Collapse Vivendi Collapsing
A World Con Guide
How to Hide $3.8 Billion in Expenses
xerox criminals admit deeper fraud Worldcom Employees Fired, Bosses Party on Maui
Krugman; False Outrage at Stock Scams WorldCon Bosses Cop the Fifth Bush, Heir to the Holocaust
Wall St. shaken by another one: Qwest Counterpunch: a tale of two twits Massive Fed Budget Deficit Grows Deeper
Haliburton, Brown and Root, CIA, Cheney and The Pentagon Dollars Ford Boasts Profits--and Massive Layoffs
Closing Five Plants, 21000 Jobs
Chrysler Cuts 26,000 Jobs, Makes a Profit
Stocks Slide Toward 8000 as International Collapse Continues WorldCom Goes Belly Up, Biggest Bankruptcy in the History of the World AOL-Time Warner SLipSliding Away
US Economy in Dead Stall, GDP Down 80 Percent, at 1.1 (August 02) Job Growth Dies in July 02 Thieving Execs Charged
Ex-Drug Executive Faces U.S. Charges of Insider Trading Ex-Executives Say Sham Deal Helped Enron ENRON CRIMINAL COPS A PLEA--RATS OUT PALS
Brazil Teeters on Collapse Stagnant Wages Subvert the Masters' Economy Overproduction Strangles  US economy
Fortune: The Greedy Bunch, you bought, they sold  Sunbeam Boss Bites the Dirt The Lavish Lives of Tyco Bosses
NYTimes: Stocks Tumbling 9/02 WorldCom Thief Pleads Guilty Out of a Job and No Longer Looking
OCTOBER 2002: US Economy still uncertain (The Economist) Banks in the firing line (The Economist) GM And Ford Stock Ten Year Low
Lucent Cuts 10,000 Jobs Job Losses Mount In October 2002 Housing, the next bubble
Auto Crisis Looming in Oct 2002 GM Demands Tax Free RenCen Both Ford and Gm Credit Ratings Lowered
State Plunges Into Long Term Budget Crisis as Election Nears Where the Jobs Are 2002 Joblessness Still Booming
Car Sales Drop 30 Percent in Oct 2002 SEC's Pitt to Quit It is good to be a CEO
Ex-FBI Boss in Enron-type Scam MacDonalds Closing Stores, Laying Off Tax Revenues Collapse, Worst Since WWII
FBI Boss Driven Off SEC NYC Guts School Budget by 215 Million Bechtel Vs Bolivia: Water Wars
Why Monopolist Gates Gave 100 Million to India Bush to Privatize 850,000 Jobs State Budgets at Crisis Levels
NYC Plunges Into Fiscal Crisis Immigrants make up half of new US workers Globalizing Levis
Nafta: Mexican Prison Labor Bound For US Auto Sales and Stocks Down 11/02 Inequality Rises, but the Poor Do Not 
Home foreclosure hits record high US economy sinks and Bush Fires His Pals THE ECONOMICS OF GLUT
California, Gaming, and the Tribes Big Mac Hits Big Losses Poor Line Up at Shelters and Food Banks---The Only Booming Business other than War
GodFearing Tyco Felon Pleads Guilty, Walks with Fine 2002:Awful year for Latin America (The Economist) Greenspan Warns Against Deflation
2002 Patriotic Holiday Shop Meets the Grinch Happy New Years: 800,000 to Lose Unemployment Benefits Third consecutive year of stock market losses (BBC)
Wall Street Bombs in 2002 101,000 jobs lost in Dec. Airlines ask Congress for anti-strike measure
Dollar plummets vs. Euro KMART To Layoff 37,000 Jobless in the Big Apple
US Hiring in Worse Slump in 20 Years Young, jobless, hopeless: to be young in the US GM Stock Downgraded, and Falls
US Trade Deficit Hits All Time High China: Rising Up Angry Qwest Bosses Indicted
Consumer Confidence Collapses You Can Fool A Sneetch: Oregon Teachers Ratify Sellout Vivendi Posts 25 Billion Loss
Overproduction Slams Auto Sales Don Bauder's Last Column: The Deepening Crisis of US Capital Nasdaq Three Years Later: The Bear Feasts Still
Paul Krugman: Not bullish on economy Revolution in China? Ford and GM Slash Production
Tax Cheaters and Corporate Bennies Run IRS Bayer and Kaiser in Cipro Fraud 75 Million US Adults Outside the Labor Force
Companies Cut Costs/Wages Fall Top Wall Street Firms Plead Guilty to Investment Scams Top Investment Firms Fined $1.4 Billion
Dollar Falls to 4-Year Low Against Euro US Indicts 11 More Enron Bosses It is the economy, stupid
Pound and dollar down vs. euros CEO's Remain Among the Rich US Economy will be sick for a long time
Top Corporate Criminals if the Decade Greider on US leading towards depression-deflation Unemployment Rate Rises to a 9-Year High
Jobless Rate Booms to Hoover Levels and Beyond Economy under Bush  UAW says it will fight health cuts
More Ford job cuts needed, execs told
Fresh Hope for Fat Cats NYT : The export of jobs
One Half Of Manufacturing Buys in US are Foreign Made Recovery less jobs beyond predictions
Ford Plant Finds Efficiency Is No Protector
Study Ties Biggest CEO Raises to Largest Layoffs GAO : Cheney Derails Energy Investigation The Victory of Speedup and Layoffs: Productivity
Labor Day 2003, "Recovery-recession" Deepens Layoffs Up Again in August, Shift in Employment Indicated
Levis To Shut Last US Plant

Number of People Living in Poverty in U.S. Increases Again

Jobs Moving Overseas World's mega cities expand as millions quit the countryside
Overcapacity Stalls New Jobs US Deficit Hits Record: $375 Billion Gangsta Congress Discovers Mutual Fund Frauds
Jailed Russian Oil Boss Sought Deals with Bush and Carlyle Group
Jobless recovery continues
Dollar falls low
Jobless recovery continues (Guardian) The Economy Is Cooking...Are Its Workers? Housing Bubble Brewing
Walmart Invades Mexico Resources on WalMart: The Big Company Store
USDA refuses to release Mad Cow records
Poverty In Michigan Up 25 Percent
Le Monde: China and the Dollar I.M.F. Says Rise in U.S. Debts Is Threat to World's Economy
China, The Fulcrum of the New Economy
Toyota Passes Ford to Become Number 2
Working Poor in the United States Jobs created mostly temps (FT) Outsourcing is not the main cause of job losses
Justice Department Prison Statistics GM to SpeedUp Outsourcing
Monopolist Gates Convicted Again By Europe Greenspan Whistles Past Debt Graveyard Gateway Shuts Down
500,000 Mexico Jobs Lost to Capital's Rush for Cheaper Labor Big splits and minor tactical differences
China overheating, headed for a crisis? (BW)
Rouge Rebuilt for Productivity
Greenspan: $500 Billion Budget Deficit Not So Good CBSMarketWatch: 10 deficits to topple U.S. economy
Boss of United Way off To Jail
How The GOP Seduced The AARP Racketeers into Buying the Medicare Sellout
Strong to Pay $60 Million in Mutual Fund Inquiry Poor? Sell Your Kidney.
Ex-Rite Aid Chief Gets 8-Year Prison Term Citigroup Agrees to Pay $70 Million to Settle Lending Inquiry Petco Criminals Abuse Animals, Cheat the Public
GM and Ford Slaves in China will have NO Unions Ford and GM China Imperialism Promises Overproduction
Recent Layoff Rate Was Highest Since Early 1980's
Treasury Reports Record $395 Billion Deficit
Selloff Of Industral America Speeds Up
Older Investors Jittery as U.S. Markets Disappoint
What is Wrong With Accounting? From the Nation, 1939 Rubin: Dollar Decline Could Accelerate LA Times: Falling Dollar Could Lead To Fiscal Crisis
China makes dollar suffer more (FT) Why the dollar is giving way (Business Week) Dark Clouds for World Economy
Quo Vadis: Economic Collapse?

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