SF Labor Council, Cowardly Retreat on the War 

The San Francisco Labor Council, April 8, due to the  weighted votes allotted to Locals 250 and 790 of the  Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the  Building Trades and several other unions voted to  rescind the resolution passed in March, calling for  Israeli withdrawal from the Occupied Territories, and  condemning the bombing of the offices of the  Palestininan union federation. . Israel is currently  conducting a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the  Palestinian people. The resolution also called for the  Palestinian and Israeli labor federations to unite for  the purpose of stopping the violence.Apparantly,  according to rumor the reversal of the resolution was  a result of intervention by SEIU International  President, Andy Stern, and the Democratic Party, who  unquestionedly support Israel. Much to it's shame, the  US labor movement, has uncritically supported  Israels's policy of mass murder, just as it supports  the United States policy of mass murder in Iraq.  Unknown to most people, Israel is in violation of US  law by using military equiptment and Weapons supplied  by the US, against a civilian population. Those of who  who want reports on the non-US Press, as to what is  really going on, contact me directly-Ken Morgan, ILWU  
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