WSJ likes Obama Pilger on the Clinton Scam
Clinton Flogs Alleged Iranian Role in Iraq - Even More Than Bush
Democrats Make Bush School Act an Election Issue Wall Street control of Democratic Party
Gangster Unions Shaken By Obama Win Teachers Sue to Block Hotel Workers’ Union Vote in Nevada Caucus Coke Head Obama vs Racist Hillary
Nadar: WHAT THE CANDIDATES AVOID Election 2008 The Diebold Scam January 2008: $400 Million Spent on Bogus Campaign
New poll: U.S. more ready for black prez than female one Obama and class splits in Black America No teacher's pet: Clinton's big endorsement from the powerful CTA Got Upended
Tom Hayden: Endorsing Obama Obama and Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground Teamsters Back Barack
AFT Helps Provide Edge to Clinton in Three Primary Victories Hillary's Nasty Pastorate An Election Without Meaning
Naomi Klein and Scahill Urge: Suck up to the Dems Henwood on Obamagogue Obama Adviser Calls for Troops To Stay in Iraq Through 2010
Obama's speech "on race" Both Clinton and Obama attack No Child Left Behind Act Michael Moore For Obamagogue
AFSCME/AFT Pour Money into Hillbillary Adolph Reed on Obama Sam Smith On Obamagogue
Fidel Responds to Obamagogus Obamagogue and the Wars Obama a warmonger
Pilger on Obamagogue Barack O’Bilderberg: Picking the President UAW for Obamagogue
Obama: liberal imperialist Obamagogue and Tasteless New Yorker Obamagogue in Z
New Yorker on Obamagogue Adolph Reed on Obamagogue 2 ZNet Daily Commentary: Obama, The Prince Of Bait-And-Switch by John Pilger

Report: US Military to Play Intelligence Role During DNC in Denver

Ayres and Obamagogue "Dems for 'Ed Reform'" (sic) attack unions at Denver event
Gettlefinger, Labor Boss, Waives the Flag and Howls Obamagogue Ayers by Sam Smith (a liberal who does not like the Obamagogue) Busts at RNC
Ayers and Obamagogue '08 Rivals Have Ties to Loan Giants When Scam Collide
A Different View of Palin Friedman on The New President Faces the Globe Obama Has Met Ayers, but the Two Are Not Close
Palin links Obama to Ayers and domestic terrorism CNN Obama Ayers C Johnson on the vote

Hedges : Obamagogue and Dennis Kucinich on the Democrats' Bailout Betrayal

Barack Obama's connection to William Ayers CTA Coughs Up 1.25 Million Dollars on Prop 8
Obamagogue: Sam Smith Elections Rouge Note 2008 Obamagogue I: Turkey Pardoning
Hyped Voter Turnout A Fiction Matt Taibbi, "Candidates for Sale" (Rolling Stone, August '08) Obama and Rhaim
Obamagogue II by Sam Smith Weisman on Ayers in Truthout Eric Walberg: Obama's odious entourage
Obamagogue Won Without Vote Surge Obamagogue to Speak in Tongues? Stratfor on the Inhoguration

The Strange Rise of the Obamagogue

Strange Case of Obamagogue Part 2 Obamagogue Shovels Money to Mystics
Obama Finds the Bush Center    




Follow the Money: Center for Public Integrity-- tracking campaign dollars Cockburn on Kerry: Imperialist
Landau: Will the SuperRich Dump Bush? Kerry The Hawk: More Troops, Not Less War
Kerry Calls For 40,000 More Troops to Iraq

John Kerrey Admits, then Denies, He is a War Criminal

Bush or Kerry, 'War on Terror' Unlikely to Change
Bernstein: Bush Must Go Chalmers Johnson: Kerry and the Generals
Mainstream Capitalists Plan Attack on Fundamentailist Bush Greider: A CIA Insider Coup vs The Bush? John  Kerry is a war criminal
Business Week: The World according to Kerry SEIU chief says Dems lack fresh ideas Stern: Labor Better Off if Kerry Loses
Kerry Says His Vote on Iraq Would Be the Same Today Bush v. Kerry?
Not Even a Dime's Worth of Difference
Pigs Run Wild At RNC
400,000 March at GOP Convention Milliken endorses Kerry
Michael Moore Last Call for Kerry Noam Chomsky on the 2004 Elections 2008 Voting Percentages

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