The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School WebQuester Race and Ethnic Relations
A Bibliography of Anarchism
The Activist's Webstarters Kit Colonel David H. Hackworth Professor Gigabyte's Gateways To Infinity
US Constitution Search Ask Dr. Weil The Virtual Activist Trainer: Reader
Nolo Press
self-help law center
Economic Policy Institute The Spanish Revolution and Civil War 1936-1939 
The Consortium for independent journalism The Brecht Forum Original Documents from the Sixties Struggles
Booknotes: A Cyber Companion Penn State's Library Catalog IM@GINE - Wayne State's Information Gateway
Concordances of Great Books--
Fully Searchable Word Indexes
Michigan in Brief Labor Unions and the Internet
How to Search a Listserv Archive Greek and Roman Mythology Lists Encyclopedias and Related References
Link to the Michigan Manual Greatest films ever Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
California Open Meetings Act The California Open Meetings Act (Brown Act) The California Freedom of Information Act
California First Ammendment Coalition Fast Facts on 50 States Historical Research International Index
over 2500 Links
Who Was Socrates? A Free Great Book! I.F. Stone on Socrates Fraud Project Censored
Pink Noise Database Rules to Follow 
In Basic Research
Walter Benjamin Research Links
Ethnographic Research On Background
A Freireian Perspective
FOIA Sites For Federal Agencies SchoolGrants: Grants and Opportunities for K-12 Schools
CSpan's Great American Writers Link 1600 Free Classic Books OnLine Bibliography (with Links) on Social Class
Labnet: Everyday Stalinism - Microfiche Collection Welfare reform Citizens for Tax Justice
Ibn Khaldun on What is History?
How Do We spot Lies?
Media Education Foundation Search Engines
Even if you have been using the top-of-the-line search engine , you still may want to know about the latest and greatest in the world of search engines: Automatically generates categories to sort results, and includes a "sneak preview" so you don't have to leave the search page to review results   a new software system developed by Carnegie Mellon University researchers, has been named "best new search service on the web" in the July issue of Yahoo! Internet Life (YIL). Vivisimo, which means "very lively" and "clever" in Spanish, was developed by a team of faculty, postdocs and students in Carnegie Mellon's Computer Science Department.  Like Ask Jeeves but cooler  Happy surfing! 
The Halcyon Cosmopolitan Entertainment Information Communication Awareness Humanistic, Transpersonal and Quantum Psychology Cia World Factbook Peak Performance
Internet Movie Archive Education Law Finder
Plagarism Detector California Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights Edwin Moise Bibliography of the Vietnam War
Trickster Tales: References National Budget Simulation Game Links on INEQUALITY
The Catholic Encyclopedia San Diego Historical Databases Radical History Links
My History Dot Org Labor History Timeline San Diego Demographics
The Library of Congress has a astronomical collection of maps on-line reaching back into the 1500's in gif and sid formats that are data-queriable and browsable in meta-hierarchies of region, creator,  subject, title, etc. Rich data for the US, and also maps form all around  the world. The Tree of Life includes thousands of pages of interlinked multi-hierarchy data about living organisms on our planet. Drill down to detailed information on any plant or animal. The Visual Thesaurus creates spatial maps of relationships among words and their many meanings. The Visual Thesaurus is an artistic exploration of the  subtleties of language, and a dynamic tool to analyze the structure of  words and meaning. Very cool interface.
How to research front groups International Network for Social Network Analysis Grover Furr's Politics and Social Issues Page
Grover Furr's Vietnam War Page

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