Trying to Follow the Money in California's Energy Mess Nader on California Energy Crisis A Light Matter 
Why exactly Californians are getting screwed by power companies 
The Real Blackout Plug Electric Cord Into a Grassy Knoll UCAN
Ratepayer Revolt Grand Jury Report on Fluoride and San Diego Few Lessons Learned from California's Energy Debacle
800 Lbs of Coke + A Cardinal and a Few Crooks Equals pardon Kids Count California Dubious Enron In Crisis
California Labor Statistics at a Glance California's Exclusion Acts
The Chinese American Experience
Chinese American History Time Line
Enron and the California Energy Crisis
Crooked Prosecutor Sentenced to Golf, CA Section California Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights LAPD as Drug Operation
Bill Would End Racist Naming of Mascots California Dept Of Insurance Lists Slave Owners on Www site Enron Rigged Calif Energy Crisis
Californians: We Have the Smoking Enron Gun California Budget Crisis Deepens in May 2002 Davis Demands a Million from CTA, and CTA Rats Him Out
Bush/Cheney Enron: Hide the Deal in California! Incomes Drop, Poverty Booms in Southern Cal National Economic Crisis Reflected in State Budgets
Davis Attacks the Poor in Proposed Budget Crisis--and A Tax Hike Too Racist Padres Boss To Run UC System You Too Can Buy The California Governor, Cheap
Enron Bosses Hid Profits During California Crisis Children Pay For Ca Budget Cuts California Labor History Map Project Link
Mexican-American Organizing in California The Lie of the Land
A Political Geography of California
FERC Says Crisis May Have Been a Fraud
Farmworkers march for Cal. farm bill California Counts: Stats on California (for our Ca section) The DustBowl Cometh
Hope Dries up in the Heartlands
Tj's Lemasa Prison Moves on Down the Road Blackouts Were a Scam says California Probe Judge Says Energy Co. Scammed Calif
Enron's California Thief Pleads Guilty Gray Davis Paid Off For Gambling Glut State Plunges Into Long Term Budget Crisis as Election Nears
State Faces Post-Vote Budget Crisis Pelican Bay on Hunger Strike Davis PreXmas Budget Cuts Attack Education
California At The Brink Davis Chokes on Judge's Order to Pay Energy Companies Another Billion LA Times Projects Vicious Budget Cuts
California, Gaming, and the Tribes Davis Admits to 30 Billion Dollar Deficit Davis Finally Admits to 35 Billion Defict
Enron's Steve Peace to Direct Budget
LA Times On Davis Announcement of %35 Billion Crisis Steve Peace a Favorite in the Legislature, and Enron David Budget Attacks the Poor, Spares the Cops Davis Tax Scheme Exempts Business
The California Collapse is Worse than Reported FERC Says, Golly, Enron Cheated California
California's Structural Budgetary Attack on the Poor
Massive Cuts and Tax Hike Projected: Bond Sales to Pay Off Pension Debts
Move to Recall Governor Spins California Into Political Turmoil
Kids Count 2003 Data Book
California Job Losses Deepen Democrats and Republicans in Calif Scheme to Attack Working People on Budget Crisis
Wall Street Slashes State's Credit Rating
Standard And Poors Guts CA Credit Rating, Mocks New Budget
California is the Meanest State for the Homeless The California Recall, On Background
Perry Marker Statement on the Recall Election

Arnold and Enron
September 03: CA Posts Biggest Monthly Job Loss Arnold's Transition Team--Thugs for the Rich
Ruined Davis Seeks to Let Pals Slop at Public Trough Still
Arnold Hires Donna the Axe as Budget Boss
Gropenfuhrer Aims at Poor With Budget Attack
Her GovenFuhrer Declares Fiscal Crisis Walmart Invades Mexico Poor Hurt First and Worst By GropenFuhrer Budget
Budget Analyst Assails GropenFuhrer Budget
Shut Down State Youth Prisons, Experts Say
Ex-Officer Admits to Robberies
LA Times: Buying CA Government Nurses Led Union Attack on Gropenfuhrer
Corporate Corruption Of UC Linked To Demos & Republicans-Monetizing The University For Private Profit


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