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The Nizkor Project : Responding to Holocaust denial through education about the Shoah and the people and organizations that deny the holocaust Volkswagen, in Shift, Will Set Up Fund for Slave Workers 53 Years Later, Lawsuit Is Filed on Behalf of Hitler's Slave Labor
Ford and GM Scrutinized for Alleged Nazi Collaboration Japan Rebuffs Requests for Information About Its Germ-Warfare Atrocities German's Novel of Nazi Era Becomes a U.S. Best Seller
The Wagner Story Isn't Music to This Wagner's Ears Nazi hunters want help from former slave laborers 'The Fascist Revolution': Grasping the Appeal of Fascism
Meditations on the Unthinkable: 
An Australian anthropologist challenges traditional views on the horrors of the Holocaust. 
Norman G. Finkelstein Home Page: His New Book Challenges Goldhagen's Holocaust book "Hitler's Willing Executioners" Fascism & the Holocaust Links
A Scholar Argues That Americans Are Obsessed With the Holocaust Kansas Votes to Delete Evolution From State's Science Curriculum 'The Holocaust in American Life': Taking Aim at the Symbolism of the Holocaust
Germans want their history back "Hitler's Pope" Dis US TRoops Loot Nazi Gold Train? 
French Nazi Papon Flees, Rearrested Germany Plans 5 Billion to Nazi Slaves Nazi Ford and The Freep
Historian faults Nazis for forced-laborwrongs  GM subsidiary also entangled in war  Simon Wiesenthal Center
Obit Demonstrates Ties of Nazi/U.S. Intelligence Henry Ford and The Nazis Holocaust on Trial--in the Atlantic
THE WORLD / EUROPE;   THE FASCIST RESPONSE TO GLOBALIZATION  Chilean (and US) fascists The Goldhagen Thesis reconsidered
Rosenthal-Berlet Debate on Fascism
February 2000
local nazi Fascism in Farmington
Memories of the Holocaust in Doubt Sid Bolkosky's www page A Tale of Two Holocausts 
Karski Dies; Warned of the Shoah Germans Duck Reparations for Fascism FISK on Holocaust and genocide
The Grand Inqisitor from THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1880) Seeking to Clone Schools of Success for Poor Pope Beatifies Early Fascist
German Catholics and Slave Labor The Emporer as a Fascist A Month After Beatifying Premature Nazi 
Pope Moves to Sanctify Deadly Missionaries in China
Chinese War Slaves Sue Japanese Fascists Red AntiFascist Resistance "Rediscovered" The Italian Internment in the US
The Japanese Internment Fascist Children's Textbooks Unwelcome Books About Fascism
What is Fascism? by Chip Berlett What is Fascism by Berlett (revised) What is Fascism? by Roger Eatwell
Bibliography on the Holocaust Anne Frank Internet Guide The Holocaust: Historical Summary
The Judenrat in Lublin, An Original Document The Judenrat, by a Survivor Partisans and Resistance
Catholic Church Washes Its Hands Resisters, Rescuers, Bystanders, Collaborators Schindler's List, a Teaching Guide
Salvadoran Generals Not Guilty for Dead Nuns US and German Fascist Eugenics Review of Kuhl on Fascist Eugenics
The Pioneer Fund: The Nazi Connection A List of the Nazi Death Camps Polish Nazi On Trial
Chicago Library Link
Holocaust Education Resources
Millersville University
Holocaust Education Project
Bush family linked to Nazis-Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11/11/2000
Japan Sets Up Fund For Wartime Slaves The Confessions Of Adolph Eichman Book Review,"Hitler, 1036-45; Nemesis"
Pope meets Austrian Nazi  "Terrorists in Retirement"
An Idiot's Review of an Anti-fascist film
Holocaust Interviews on CD-Rom
What to Do With Old French Nazi Collaborator?  The Wiesenthal Center Controversy Outlined "Rethinking the Holocaust" reviewed
2001 Auschwitz Report
Resistance; the Perps Prosper
Wife of Fascist Lindbergh Dies The Lebensborn: The Nazi baby experiment
The Fascist Radio Priest Coughlin Finkelstein's "Holocaust Industry" Reviewed The Poles Against the Jews
Japanese Fascist Rise Again Center for Justice and Accountability Review of the Film, "Enemy at the Gates"
The Popes Against The Jews
Reviewed September 2001
The Popes Against the Jews Emilie Schindler, 93, Dies; Saved Jews in War
Documentary on Sobibor Henry Ford: Nazi Anti Semite Japanese Knew About Massive Sex Slave Operation
Heidigger's Children: Arrendt/Marcusse, et al Inquiring Into Nazi Evil, and the Reciprocal Effect--Sereny's Essays The Eugenicist Sterilization Experiment
Nazi Demjanjuk Convicted Again Degenerate Priests Hide Behind the Collar and the Vatican Fascist LePen Rises Again in French Election
Navy Used Nerve Gas on US Sailors Fascism: Justice Department Unleashes FBI Hitler's Jewish Soldiers, 150,000 in the Nazi Army
U.S. Patriot Act Summary of fascist parts "The Lawyers Behind the Tyranny" Time Mag and the Rise of Christian Fascism
Why They Killed: Einsatzgruppen FDR ordered spying on pro-Nazi Windsors Mexico's Dirty War
German Nazi Finally Convicted of War Crimes (2002) NEA Builds Fascist Teaching US Troops Lead Massacre of 40,000 In Korea (1948)
Bush, Heir to the Holocaust Hollywod Turns to Hitler for the Sweeps 600 Tried in Secret Fascist US Courts
The Eugenics Archive Nazi Spy (and US Agent) Wessel Dies Hitler, It Seems, Loved Money and Died Rich
Touring Auschwitz Jeff Corey, Blacklisted in Hollywood, Obit Portland Cops Fire on Protesters
1,000 Nazis March in DC Per Anger Dies: Rescuer France frees Nazi collaborator
Hitler Remark Rankles White House Fascism growing by leaps and bounds in Italy Slave Labor in Irish Convents in the 1970's
Best Photo of Mussolini Opus Dei Gets its Saint: Another Fascist Bertelsmann Offers Regret for Its Nazi-Era Conduct
Attempt to Shut Down UCSD Student Web Site Geraldine of Albania, 87, Queen With U.S. Ties, Is Dead Goldhagen, Catholics, The Nazis, and the Holocaust
Fascist Catholicism and the Holocaust: Goldhagen Boston Globe: Hitler learned from U.S. nazi scientists Ford and Argentina's Dirty War
Kissinger and Law Quit on Same Day: Two Fascists Down History and Theory of Political Repression by Chip Berlet, et al. Polish Fascists Still in Denial
'Adenauer's Germany and the Nazi Past': Truth and Reconciliation Legal fascism: court upholds NYPD spying A grim account of anti-Semitism and its origins 
A book Review of  Anti-Semitism: Myth and Hate From Antiquity to the Present
Aschcroft: Fascist California Governor Gray Davis Apologizes for Sterilization Program US Librarians Resist Fascist Patriot Act
Hitler's Last Testament, I Was Motivated by Love.... CIA and ex Nazis Fascism in America, the time to say aloud
Germany 1933, the easy slide into fascism U.S. arrests ex-Nazi guard  Research Reveals More California Leadership in Fascist  Eugenics Program
Why Did the US Drop the A Bombs? Amin, Fascist Protected by Saudis and US, Finally Dies America's Freedom to be a Fascist State
Review: Eugenics and the War Against the Weak Madame Chiang is Unleashed
Gestapo style "anti-drug" raid hit NC school Is the US a Fascist Nation? Father of Racist Monty Cartoon Speaks on the Fascist Aztec Culture
Nazi Hunters Catch Another James Carroll on Gibson's Fascist Passion film
Spielberg Hustles His Schindler DVD
Henry Ford and the Nazis
Nazi Richard Butler Finally Dies Analyzing the Political Right -- Berlet
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power Loftus confirms the Bush-Nazi scandal China's New Boss
2004 Book on Nazi Schindler Fascist Novels Best Selling in US


Exhibit on Nazi Eugenics Furor grows over Harry the Nazi C.I.A. Said to Rebuff Congress on Nazi Files
Half-Century Later, a New Look at Argentine-Nazi Ties For Betrayal by Swiss Bank and Nazis, $21 Million Chilean Fascism Admitted
Japan's Wartime Savagery? Better to Forget It
60 Years, VJ Day Simon Wiesenthal, 'Conscience' of Holocaust, Dies
The Murder of Lidice (scroll down) Mel Gibson - ABC to Sell Holocaust  



The US is A Fascist State
U.S.-German Flare-Up Over Vast Nazi Camp Archives Germany Agrees to Open Holocaust Archive
Anti - Semitic "Protocols" Draws Museum's Focus Nuremberg, Dies
Nazi Youth Pope Prays at Auschwitz
Polish Fascist Catholics Surface from Solidarity
The Rockies Pitch Religion Holocaust Archivists Piece Together Bits of Lives

Germans Tell of Secret Nazi Breeding Program

Abe Lincoln Brigade Archives

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