Overview of Michigan Social Studies Content Standards  Students Outscore MEAP Averages MEAP Writing Scores Dip (Detroit Free Press Article)
MEAP Online Some parents still pass on MEAP:
Engler's offer of college scholarships doesn't win over critics
State offers school accreditation plan:
Improving on MEAP would determine rank 
Suburban high schoolers more likely than urban to get scholarships  Warren seeks MEAP review MEAP scores invalidated for charter in Grand Blanc:
Kids from Warwick Pointe finished too high, state says
MEAP: A Bribe to the Suburbs MEAP Answers, 
No Bribe for Social Studies MEAP!
MEAP Scores Low In Poverty Districts, High In Rich
Nearly Half Fail Meap MEAP Boycott Spreads Detroit Bombs MEAP
Wayne County MEAP Scores Oakland County Meap Scores Macomb MEAP Scores
1999 MEAP SCores and Links State Won't Charge Private Schools For MEAP New York Teachers Help Kids, Called Cheaters
Michigan Curriculum Framework--English Language Arts Michigan Curriculum Framework--Social Studies Parents resist school standards
States back down after pressure builds against tougher student goals
The Impact of Testing in Michigan 41% Fail Social Studies Meap Freep says 40% Fail Meap Jan 2000
Treasury Release on the MEAP Metro Detroit Students Bomb the Meap Wayne County MEAP Scores at Bottom
Sample MEAP questions can be found on the Department of Treasury Web site School Districts Hype the (Racist) MEAP MEAP Cheating 1996
Jan 2000 MEAP Bribes to Schools MEAP+Parental Income=Cash! Ford Boss Runs MEAP Payouts
Questioning Tests Racist MEAP question withdrawn Bombing The Social Studies MEAP
MEAP testing misses the mark when it comes to evaluating the whole child More Bribes for MEAP 
When the Bribes STop, and you are all alone, what then?
MEAP links at MDE
Columbia Journalism Review: MEAP Measures Parental Income Bribe to the Rich Drives MEAP Meap a Bribe to the Rich
MEAP Bribes the Rich MEAP + Racism = Takeovers ACLU Sues the Racist Meap
MEAP Gains Acceptance? Standard and Poors/McGraw Hill to Evaluate Mich Schools Good Cop, Bad Cop Approach in MultiLingual Meap
Meap Prep: be a millionaire More MEAP Cheats? Kids As Commodities
Crossing District Boundaries
But Never INTO Detroit
More Meap Cheats  MEAP CHEAT SHRIEK Phoenix Meap Cheats
The Market Runs the MEAP Pete Waldmeir: Meap Pimp ACLU Sues Michigan MEAP
ACLU Sues Michigan MEAP (2) Top Michigan Schools Reject MEAP 
So State Threatens Their Accreditation
Psych! Meap carrots vanish. Only stick remains.
test mania in michigan Michigan Districts Face Deep Cuts Edison May Go Under, Michigan Warns
MEAP is for everyone--even the homeschooled More Evidence on the Racist MEAP MEAP and Accreditation
Race and the MEAP Macomb Daily Introduces the Privileged Caucasian Index MEAP Cheats Everywhere!
Alleged Cheater Schools Listed No! Wait! Who Cheated Who on The MEAP!? How High are High Stakes in Michigan?
MEAP Witch Hunt Continues MEAP Cheating Accusations Denounced School Boss Shreds MEAP, Changes the Bar Again
MEAP Boss Begs Forgiveness for Bogus Scoring MEAP on the Ropes More on the Phony MEAP Cheats
MEAP Cheat Report 2001 Money Drives the MEAP Questions Schools Denied Billions by Shift from Property Taxes
MEAP Taliban to Accredit Schools Here Come The Meap Cops No kidding--Standard And Poors Attacks the MEAP
Opt out of MEAP 2001 MEAP Scores Released R Paige hosts meeting
MEAP HIGH Pressure 2002 Criticism of Burnley Roils All Macomb Eyes on the MEAP
Standard And Poors Loves Oaklands Rich White Schools Local educators suggest changes in the MEAP Michigan Scheme to Grade Schools--Flunks
State Legislator Takes MEAP, And Opposes It Standard And Poors 2002 Report on the MEAP 2001 Racist Meap Results Released, Scores Down, Compliance Up
Wayne County Meap Results: White Northville Doubles Black Detroit Oakland County Meap Results: White Bham Doubles Black Oak Park More Tests and More Reporting for Michigan Districts in 2002
MEAP Payouts Racist: Harvard Study Harvard MEAP Study Link Meap Switcheroo Invalidates Tests--Officials Proud
MEAP and Tobacco: Bad Choice Dump The MEAP Says State Rep 15 Percent Will Fail the 2003 MEAP
Livonia Ties Administrator Pay to Racist Meap The 2003 MEAP Debacle Prof Says: Meap Measures Zip Codes
Bankrupt Michigan Preserves MEAP Bribes MEAP Results Bungled Again in 2003
Truant Meap Scores Turn Up, Months Late
MEAP Threatens A School's Life
Freep Editorial vs Truant Meap
Bogus MEAP Scores Say Mich Students Get Dumber and Dumber
Social Studies MEAP? Who Cares?
MEAP Stress Mounts in 2004 Child Abuse Traded For Pizzas in Schools On MEAP Track
Michigan Has Nearly 900 Failing Schools Redoubling the MEAP Scam: Principal Self-Evaluations Allow Dead Schools to Pass the Mark
Best Schools in Michigan Fail the Racist Meap
Students Blow Off The Idiot MEAP
Wild Shifts in MEAP Writing Scores
Test Shell Game: ACT Beats the High School MEAP to Death
Bye Bye MEAP Kiddy MEAP Lives, Sad To Say

MEAP Hits Special Ed State to Pad MEAP Writing Scores
6th-graders go high-tech, will take MEAP tests on Web Fewer Michigan students excel at math, science
Granholm calls for statewide mandatory curriculum MEAP earlier, so are concerns

MEAP About to Stumble Again in 2006
Michigan Students Opt Out of the MEAP, Schools Fail NCLB


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