Detroit Public Schools Crisis

Newspaper Articles about DPS and Detroit







New Cass Tech Needs Big Repairs Trials of a Detroit Teacher, Abandoned by the DFT
G.M. Sells Big Stake in Loan Unit
Mackenzie High protestors arrested
DPS Closures Drive off 1500 Students
Detroit Schools Struggle to Stem Student Loss
Detroit teachers step closer to walkout that would delay school year

Snooze Editorial: Strike A Nail in Detroit Coffin

Snooze: Teachers Out on Monday August 28
Resisting Racism, Opportunism and Profiteering: Detroit Teachers Strike Again DPS Strike Drags On
Detroit Number 2 In Poverty Rates 
Ed Week on the DFT Alonzo Bates Convicted Again

Bates found guilty on 5 counts

William Serrin on Detroit Riot 1967
Detroit Teachers Strike Again by Rich Gibson Strike Shuts Down DPS Indefinitely
Freep Attacks DFT Strike as Destroying District
Letter to the Editor on Detroit Teachers' Strike (9-7-06)
Why Are Students Fleeing the Detroit Public Schools? Judge Borman Made A Grevious Error Detroit teachers meet, take no formal action
Amid strike, Detroit students told classes to resume Tuesday
Garrison Lies: No Wage Cuts?
The Kerner Report 40 Years On DFT Hack Threatens Teachers With Fines
Preachers Planned to Attack Strike
DFT Sells Out Newer Teacher in Contract
Michael Peterson on DPS
DPS Financial Crisis Detailed, Again Ford, Big 3, Detroit Schools, and Tigers in Free Fall. Whither Detroit? Detroit Flailing as Plants Close
DPS Loses Another 25000 Kids?
Detroit Loss of Students Means Lost Jobs
Detroit Teachers Strike 2006: Lessons from the Class Struggle DPS Enrollment Crisis Could Mean End of District
WSU Med School In Crisis
Schools try to build up attendance for aid tally Garrison Blunders In Bargaining, Forgets Alternative Schools
No Grocery Stores in Detroit
430 Get DPS Layoff Notices: Welcome Back
Detroit Number Two In Crime Horrors fill Detroit pound
Garrison Willing to Fight for Her Dues
Detroit schools' strike tab is $12M
DPS Loses 12,300 Students, and Credit Rating



Detroit to close 34 schools
Burnley's safety costs Detroiters $1.8 million
Demolition of Detroit homes slows Disappearing city

Hendrix finances: Investments show profits, bad luck
Voters whittle school board choices
Detroit News: Racism Still Plagues Metro Detroit Katrina Victims---What About Detroiters?
BIG-CITY DEATHS: The time to kill Where is the Katrina Disaster Aid for Detroit?
New school board's task: Keep students in Detroit
Big Drop in October for Detroit Poll, People want to leave Detroit
WHAT'S NEXT FOR FAILING DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS Paul Clemens Racist Take on Detroit's 2005 Mayoral Election
Affluent NW Detroit Voted Kwame? Students disrupt election vote


Toyota Passes Ford to Become Number 2 DPS  High Schools Still Being Looted, Thousands Missing Dead Men Walking: Racists Try to Hit Joe Louis
Racists Plead Guilty In Attack On Joe Louis DPS Hit Worst and First by Layoffs DPS to Lay Off 3200 Workers
Detroit Child Death Rate Highest in US Teach For America Shuts Down Whining in Detroit Eight Shot in Detroit in  Four Hours
DPS Headed For Another Financial Crisis and State Takeover Rouge Rebuilt for Productivity
Magazine: Detroit surpasses Houston as fattest U.S. city Detroit's Apartheid School System, The Most Segregated in the Nation DPS solves $79 million budget deficit
DPS Faces Massive Cuts in 2004 Detroit 2004: Five Dead in Six Hours Bosses Seek to Dump Burnley
Snooze Backs Burnley More Charters Head To Detroit DPS Projects $260 Million Budget CutsWill Gut What Remains of System
Another Detroit School Hit by Vandals Vote on Imposed Detroit Board Set for November 2004 Detroit Shooter City
Freeman Hendrix Works the Rich For Mayoral Run -- Former Thug on Detroit School Board Child killed; baby, 2 women critical in attack at Detroit day-care center In state takeover, student scores lag
Detroit Staggers Toward School Crisis Detroit voters take back power to elect school board
DPS Enrollment Collapses in 2004, More Cuts Ahead  Can't Sleep? Change Towns, Not Sheets
DPS Devastation: Closing 40 Schools
Detroit school closings threaten small schools
Burnley on The Ropes as Deficit Shocks Detroit


Metro Detroit Kids Quit School in Droves Mayor Replaces DPS Board Hacks Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Detroit Voting Rights Case
Engler Sloughing at EDS Trough DPS to Lose 21,000 Students, Schools to Close Detroit Worst In Job Losses
Detroit Cops Worst In Nation Detroit Police Are Longtime Criminals Controversial class to proceed in Farmington
Detroit Last In Line For Lights In Black Out Detroit Hemorages Youth Detroit Sinks to 900,000
Ferris Finally Closes Charter Scam in Detroit State Extends Seizure of DPS Detroit Public Schools to close Thursday for union protest
Students Flock out of Detroit Area Schools and $  Vanishes Highest Form of Problem Solving Developed by Detroiters
Rouge Sold to Russians
Another Detroit Top Cop Forced To Resign Another Detroit Top Cop Ousted, Woman Replaces Him Detroit Police Chief, Criminal and Rat, Drops Dead
Detroit: USA's most Dangerous City Detroit Lets Kids Teeth Rot, Worst in Nation Detroit Mob Boss Fixes Judge
Ready to run schools,  Archer says Detroit Board of Education Parents say Archer let down students
Articles from the Detroit Free Press Education Section Mayor Archer's State of the City Address:
   Part 1
   Part 2
   Part 3
The Chicago Model
Takeover heads to House: Detroit opponents hope it is friendlier turf as state Senate passes school reform plan Why Detroit's schools fail Schools takeover gains   support: Powerful pastors, union group swayed 
Mayor Is Step Closer to Control of Detroit Schools House Democrats unveil school reform plan School plan gets support, ideas
Opposition mounts over takeover plan  House adopts Detroit school bill 
Legislation would allow governor to appoint monitor
Cleveland ruling could end Detroit school board prayers 
PUBLIC EDUCATION IN MICHIGAN SCHOOLS Bill would open schools to all kids Charter, home-schooled pupils could join public teams Comments on the Chicago takeover and the Chicago tests
Archer hits ground running in reforming Detroit schools Archer tells new school board to listen, assess, act promptly  Newly appointed board members
Board advisers ready to start: 
Team already has ideas to change Detroit's schools
Naming the board is what matters, right? Team set to prepare new school board: 
87-member group will assess problems within district 
The transition team Takeover challenge announced  New school board hopes to get closer to the public 
School takeover foes to strategize with lawyer WSU offers aid to city schools:
Partnership with reform board sought 
Adamany considered for schools:
Ex-WSU president among the prospects 
Weekend sessions irk parents:
School board meetings excluded them, some say
Suit thwarts board plan :
Time, options lost on CEO pick
Miller, Canfield, Paddock, and Stone
Candidate for schools out of race by one vote  Schools could get leader today: 
Legislature to drop unanimity appointment rule 
Detroit schools pick new leader: 
Former WSU president Adamany mulling deal 
Adamany ready for challenge:
But some question whether new schools CEO is up to the job 
New chief of schools outlines his early plans Suit to test legality of city schools' takeover
Text of Gov. Engler's interview with the Free Press School board gets viewed with caution: 
Some in city say it's too early to judge
New team finds old problems with schools: 
Adamany to use report in his turnaround plan 
High-powered talent fills Duggan's school fix-it team  Detroit schools lose Ellis: 
State official intends to be replaced on board 
School fix-up a priority :
Contractors to squeeze in work
State treasurer will replace Ellis: Superintendent to quit the reform school board  Engler adds 2 to Detroit school panel  Chicago puts money to work: 
District offers lessons in fixing  aging schools 
Adamany team gets new faces: 
School board approves several appointments to leadership positions
School repair overseers lined up:
A little paperwork, and the fix-up begins 
School chief search likely to be difficult:
Ideal choices few, competition heavy 
Timetable set back on school repairs: 
Amount of work more than had been expected 
Summary of contracts awarded for summer 1999 Detroit Public Schools repairs  Better wages lure teachers:
Detroiters want to come back to desperate district 
Education rallies organizations: 
Alliance of 12 groups called good for state
More black firms to repair schools  Jail for truants' parents? 
That's what Adamany wants if students don't show up 
Compuware boss accused of sexual harassment: 
BusinessWeek report criticizes board's handling of charges 
Teacher turnout overwhelms: 
About 2,000 endure long lines for chance to make a difference
Hiring, repairs seen as a start: 
Frustrated teachers say practices must change 
Adamany schools plan wins support:
Goals for attendance, accountability hailed
The school ballot proposal in full Detroit's teachers talk strike :
Union says the district is falsely accusing educators of standing in way of school reform
District rethinks its plans to build: 
School construction put on hold pending review 
Teachers take to the street: 
Smaller class sizes, more school supplies among the requests
School's in, so is security:
Cameras and more cops watch over students
Aguirre quits school board:
Business leader missed most Detroit reform meetings
School bells ready to ring;
Duggan returns to regular job
Adamany: Expect no miracles
While enthusiasm runs high, schools chief says problems too deep to solve quickly
8 schools miss out on repairs:
But many district buildings are spruced up for classes after Detroit's fix-up campaign
Detroit officials nearing end on contract, repairs:
Teachers negotiate as workers finish school renovations
Detroit teachers' union rejects contract extension 
On Eve of New School Year, Detroit Teachers Vote to Strike Teachers' strike suspends classes:
No school today in Detroit as union members vote to walk
Small Union Faction Holds Power In Strike
strike a study in division N.Y. Times: Empathy for Teachers Pete Waldmeir Attacks Teachers Strike
Anger sadness sweep the city AFT union leaders under fire teacher pact a priority in chicago
Number 1 Issue is Overcrowding Labor's Clout Worries State Teachers Lack Details from Either Side
district threatens teachers Todays Lesson: Lawbreaking talks at key stage
details of performance pay district seeks to link pay to performance union cannot be penalized for strike
teachers pick up support legislature threatens strike But Would Jesus Scab?
Legislature Threatens Strikers and George Washington Adamany Fights For His Goals Strike Near Settlement?
Deal Nearly None In DPS Elliot's Days May be Done Parents watch Strike Vote
the law flunks the test Teacher Strike Wave? Teachers To Vote--Substance of the Contract
teachers vote to end strike detroit news praises strike vote DPS can close schools/fire teachers based on MEAP
Raped on First Day of School Scab Reporter, from New Detroit Committee, sends kid to school, loves his
How to Reduce Class Size?
Adamany-Elliot Love "Reform" Together End of Strike Bodes Well for School Reform George Washington Sues DPS
"Arrest Truant Parents!" The Rich DO Want Public Schools detroit teachers ratify contract
overcrowded classes test teachers Adamany's Legal Attack on Managers 60% Fail MEAP at Mumford
Freep Praises Mumf Meap practice
School Board Adds Businesswoman contractors feed the pork barrel in dps bad management and cronyism waste DPS bond money
Citizens pay 13,000$ to Promote old Board Did contractors Payoff School Boss? Despite the Evidence, New Editorializes Support for New Bosses
Old Board Pays Buddy Contractors Old Board Bidding Process Subverted Sharon MacPhail Attacks Duggan Policies
DPS Doesn't Pay (headline) Annenberg Grants Awarded Bill to Smash Principal Union Goes Forward
Annenberg Schools List Casinoes Rob Peter, and Rob Paul Adamany Ends Social Promotion
Adamany Halts Crooked Construction Program He Initiated
Wants to Spend For New Schools
Merit Pay in Bloomfield Hills why is this Freep Article on the PTA not racist?
Attacks on Darwin Originate in Metro Detroit! Adamany Out Early? News Says Money Doesn't Count, Then Counts Money
Grading Metro Detroit SChools, by Race and Parental Income News Claim Study is Based on HARD data from EXPERTS! Segregated cities have higher death rates
Report on the Charter Schools Fall 1999 Sixth Detroit Schoolgirl Raped NAACP: Boycott Ilitch!
capital's missionaries come to Detroit Detroit Third Most Segregated City DPS Interviews CEO's November 1999
Adamany Self-Evaluates Midway Second Day of Student DPS Stike Novemeber 99 Teachers to Get Raise In December
DFT Misled Members
DaimlerChrysler Boss #2 DPS CEO Takeover Board Alienated from Citizens 11-30-99 The Compuware Tax Scam
Hudson's Block Sold For $1.00
House Votes to Bar Boss' Unions in Black Districts Citizen Vote for Living Wage Nullified School Bosses and Prosecutor Threaten Parents 12/8/99
State Kills Residency Laws 12-9-99 City Sweetens Compuware Pot
Cops Pay for Brutality
MEA's Republicans Block Charters
dps boss search down to two DPS boss Race has 2 Left Problems to be Inherited Harris, a DPS Finalist, Sued Atlanta
Unliked by NEA
News Like Thompson Tulsa Boss A Murder A Day 
Less Than Half Solved
Casino Opens 
1300 Hospital Jobs Lost with Mercy Closure
Next School Boss a Thug? 122099 School Budget Audit Horrors Detroit Libraries Collapsed
Habitat For Humanity To Evict in Detroit DPS Expands Search to Crew, Offends Finalists DPS Turns to Business Military Bosses
Tulsa Boss Long Freep Resume Candidate, "Every Teacher on the Same Page Every Day" Tweedle Dee and Dum on the Grill
Board CEO Vote Vetoed CEO Veto Per Det News Three to Search For CEO
Board Revamps Search Process 1/27/2000 Pontiac Principal MEAP Cheat? Mark Murray, Will Work for Anyone
Board Continues to Bungle Search More Bribes for MEAP 
When the Bribes STop, and you are all alone, what then?
Downtown Detroit Vacancies Rise
It Is Not Safe to Win at Detroit Casinos City's casino revenues fall short Engler And Achieve: MI Standards Vague
race based ceo search? Vying to Dine at DPS Construction Trough DPS Fails to Hire Teachers
Detroit Walkers Hell Racist Test Scores Strangle Scholarships DPS Starts Grade Retention
Edison Record and Inkster The City as a Prison, Residency Laws Ms. Ratliff Teaches as She was Taught--Surprise
Mayor: Detroit Supercity 
Citizen: Dead City
A Crack in the Detroit Mob, the Tocco Leak Legislator Wants Yearly Test Scores To Parents
Religious Charter School Sued Barton Marlow Gets Billions from DPS Repair Plan City's Motors Burning
150,000$ Fails to Find a Boss DFT's Elliot's Popularity Plunges DPS Guts DFT Members Insurances
ceo search down to 12  Ms Ratliff Teaches to the MAT Vouchers may bypass Detroit kids
Beckham Dies EPA says Detroit schools failed to monitor asbestos  Beckham Funeral
Burnley: Meet the New Boss Meet the New Boss
Hustling Coke
Detroit's Killer Cops
Detroit's Killer Cops Part 2 240,000 $ Plus for New DPS Boss DPS Boss' First Project: PR
City of Crooks: Detroit Economic Bust Appears In Bond Ratings Second Acquital In Gas Station Murder
Detroit's Bogus Graduation Rates
Incite Voucherites
DPS under Adamany Loses 10% of Students
Closes 9 Schools
Meap + Merit (plus race and class)= Money
Smith Replaces Beckham MEAP Bribes the Rich MEAP + Racism = Takeovers
Baptists Junket With Amway/New Detroit Voucherites Lights Out In Detroit, Life From the Third World Privatization Goes Apace
Lights Out in Detroit: The Cost and the Critics Desiree Cooper: Detroit Sucks Catholics Pay to Pass Vouchers
MEAP Scores Up! Big Deal More than 1/2 Flunk Social Studies and Science MEAPS 30,000 Students Forced to Bogus Summer School
ACLU Sues the Racist Meap Bozo new Detroit Boss Wants Mini Meaps Casinos Suck the Life of the City
Detroit Pays 32$million for Police Brutality Introducing Dr Burnley and His Program Summer School Tests Don't Count
Compuware Paid Off with DPS Contract Principal of Native American Academy Fired, Sues 27 Principal Vacancies in Detroit
Schools' Boss' Wife is Now City Boss Mall Killer Walks Cops Settle another Brutality Case--Now a Total of 35+Million$
Lights Out Again In Detroit Cops Kill Another Detroit Citizen
September 2000
DPS Dropout Rates May Trigger Vouchers
Detroit Public Library Explodes, Drowns Don't Get Caught Dead in Detroit
Even the Bodies Flee
1,100 Vacant Building Rot By Detroit Schools
Which Crony Will Get the Construction Money Now? The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit The Rouge River Revives!
Burnely's 100 Days and MiniMeaps Elliot Quits Rouge to get Makeover!
Archer to Tear Down 1100 buildings, three years late Killer Cop Gets Promotion 222 Million Tax Break for Ford Rouge
Takeover Suit Appealed Me First Hendrix Quits Board Casino Picks Slots Over People. Surprise.
DPS Bosses Hands in Till DPS Thieves Loot Schools Meet the New Administrator-Criminals
Prosecutor Looks at Possible DPS Crime Chrysler: Buy German-American $13 Million Stolen From Kid's Day Care Food
DPS Thieves part three MiniMeaps Ordered by COE in Place Principal Criminals Exposed in Freep 
Ford Principal Spends School Money On Booze DFT Election in Dispute DPS Principals Get 30% Raises 
Gangsta Principals Back in School More Thieves in DPS killer cop reports
Daimler Boss to Run DPS DPS "Loses" another $1.5 Million Selling DPS in Pieces
Honest Graft and the DPS Death for Stealing Food in Detroit (Unsolved) Murder City
Death of the Whittier The Detroit Mob State Seized Schools For Bond Money
Boss is Son of a Merc
Killer Rouge Blows Again Detroit Cops Arrest Everybody
Solve Nothing
Kids Leave DPS Again 2001
Another 19,000 Quit
Fuzzy Budgeting to Hide Crisis Racist Moron to Head GVS 2001 Book Shows Detroit Broke and Divided
Inkster Schools Snatched DPS Bosses in School Milk Scam Convicted Detroit Drops Below 1 Million
Detroit Cops Lose Another 12 Million of Coke Racist Detroit, A Lament AFT Supports DPS Death Spiral
DPS Closures "Musical Chairs"  Who Loses the First Jobs? Fascist Burnley in His Own Words
April 2001 Poll Says Detroiter's Know the Takeover is a Scam High-Stakes Tests and Outsourcing OmsBudsman: Detroit, Gov't By Neglect
Fascist Cop Sweeps Hit Suburbs More Thieves in DPS More DPD Cops Convicted
MEAP Cheats and the CoverUP Another Rape In DPS/April 2001 Detroit Cops Kill Another Citizen
More Principals Steal from Schools Fired Principals Still on Payroll Detroit Killer Cops: 124 Million in Lawsuits
Link to Standard and Poors Evaluation of Michigan schools More Money Lost in DPS 56 Bosses at the $100, 000 + Level In DPS
DPS To Remove 1/3 of Principals MEAP Cheats Everywhere! Alleged Cheater Schools Listed
How High are High Stakes in Michigan? No! Wait! Who Cheated Who on The MEAP!? MEAP Witch Hunt Continues
DPS Kids Poisoned With Asbestos MEAP Cheating Accusations Denounced Frank Fountain, DPS Board Member, Has Affair
Hundreds of Teachers "Reconstituted"--by DFT School Boss Shreds MEAP, Changes the Bar Again MEAP Boss Begs Forgiveness for Bogus Scoring
More DPS Money Missing Mexican Industries Collapses
Pam Aguire was Original Member of DPS Takeover Board
DPS Principal Future Felon?
ONE YEAR OF BURNLEY MEAP on the Ropes Burnely at Year One, Per DetNews
Detroit Most Dangerous City in the US Criminal DPS Leaders Boost Taxes More Gangster E. Detroit School Bosses
Michigan Prisons Grow Seven Times the Rate of Population Top MI School Boss to Head DPS Cops Cheat on Big Tests
DPS MultiMillion Dollar Land Swindle Detroit Schools Contine to Rot october 2001 Christian Loots Soup Kitchen
Empowerment Zone is a Dead Zone Detroit Collapses as Politicians Fiddle Michigan Economy Plunges toward Crisis
Detroit's Fascist Board Arrests Helen Moore Dennis Archer: Honest Grafter Criminal Taubman Still beloved by Bought UM
Ford In Crisis (12-01) MEAP Taliban to Accredit Schools Layoffs Loom in DPS (12-01)
Detroit schools begin to cave in Audit Rips Detroit Principal DPS Faked Classes, For Big Bucks
Redford Union Students Suspended for Supporting Teachers The Talibanization of Detroit
Mayor Calls Detroit "God's City"
Detroit: Most Segregated City in the US
New Detroit Likes Burnely Detroit's Segregated Schools Burnley on the Ropes
Criticism of Burnley Roils The Cost of Detroit Racism Detroit's Segregated Schools
Plunder in DPS: "Shut DOWN the Schools" Demoted Principals Stay on Payroll, Work for Contractors Greektown Casino Fined For Civil Crimes
End of an Era: No More Car Counting School Workers Wreck DPS Board Meeting Nepotism and the New Mayor
New Detroit Praises Burnley, but Schools Fail Detroit's Number One--WIth Syphillis 82 DPS Bosses Now at Six Figures
Detroit Paid $120 Million For Failed Computer System Racism and the City: Detroit 1967 forward Audit Shows Bosses Looted Schools
Companies Loot Schools Too? Old Detroit Icons Fade Away Detroit's Dirty Cops
Illiterate Metro Detroit 13 arrested during melee at meeting: School board members denounce protesters Detroit News on March 2002 Board Police Assaults
Slave Labor Program Begins in Michigan Burnley Issues Plan X, Yet Another One Burnley Issues Plan X, Yet Another One
DetNews Columnist: Abolish the Vote on the School Board News Poll on School Takeover Released DPS Tries to Push Bosses Into Classrooms Via Layoffs
Detroit Board Moves to Close Meetings, Again DPS Still Holding Focus Groups in May 2002 Ten Detroit Kids Murdered in 16 Weeks
One in Two Detroiters Illiterate Detroit Casinos Tax the Poor Detroit's Kids Being Killed (2002)
Racist Court Upholds DPS Takeover Burnley Eliminates Principals in Elementary Schools Burnley Fails Meap, Gets Promoted
Burnely Spends $12 Million on Phonics Court Rules Against Detroit Voters, Activists Promise Freedom Schools DPS Principals Protest Contract
DFT Sells Out Educators Again in 2002 Detroit Dying (NYTimes) Consultants Paid 1.4 Million for Bogus Project
The DFT's Tricky Contract Clause for 2002 DPS Spends 1.5 Million on PR DPS Teachers Approve Contract, 53Percent Vote
The Death of Flint Criminal Al Taubman, Detroit City Leader, Sits in Jail
Bogus Education Summit in City With One Half Its Adults Illiterate Five Hundred Bucks and You Become an Education Expert in the DPS Crisis Traveling Salvation Show (Ed Summit) Betrays Detroit
Deramus on the Bogus Detroit Ed Summit DPS Dumps Bogus Test, But Thousands of Kids Suffered More Tests and More Reporting for Michigan Districts in 2002
Detroit Literacy Campaign, Designed to Fail Mismatch--Grades and ACT Scores DPS Lies to New Teachers About Retention Bonus
MEAP Payouts Racist: Harvard Study Detroit Goes Open Court  Detroit Cops Must Seig Heil Mayor
Survey:Metro Detroit Rejects MEAP Poverty Booming in Detroit, with Rich Folks Nearby Grotesque Inequality in Metro Michigan: Census
Syphillis Epidemic in Detroit New School's Wall Buckles Detroit Cops Steal Dope
Detroit Cops: Criminals Still... Rouge Blows Up Again 2002 Another Dead Man At Rouge: Boss Didn't Pay Fines
DPS Pays 15 Million for Overtime, After Mass Layoffs GM Demands Tax Free RenCen Both Ford and Gm Credit Ratings Lowered
The Black and White Divide in Detroit Home Demolition Booms in Detroit Mayor To Change DPS Board, Price Already Removed
No Books For Detroit Readers Detroit an Incubator for Resistant Viruses DPS Loses 3000 More Kids
DPS Loses Big Arbitration Head Start Teachers Resist Feds Reading Programs Detroit Tops in Big City Segregation
Burnley, Caught in Audit, Revokes Bosses Credit Cards Detroit Teachers Reelect Racketeer Garrison Racketeer Sheffield and Snooze Whine About Corrupt Use of DPS Funds
Detroit's Deadly Segregation Without a plan, schools botch much-needed repairs


Detroit Teachers' Strike

Detroit Takeover Suit Decision
Suit in Detroit Strikes Back at Assaults on Democracy in Education
Gibson says Urban Parents Protest Standards
Detroit Teachers Vote to Strike
Shut Down the Schools-and the Casino-Spread the Strike!
 by Rich Gibson, Wayne State University
Strike Updates by Rich Gibson

Detroit teachers, share your story.  Email

Who Can Answer the Social Crisis of the Schools? by Rich Gibson
The Theory and Practice of Constructing Hope:
The Detroit Teachers' Wildcat Strike 1999 by Rich Gibson

Letters of Support to Teachers

George Schmidt, Chicago
Herbert P. Michael, Urban Peace Academy, New York
Misha Carmody, Australia
Judy Kelly, Monroe
Judy Depew, Southfield, Michigan
John Marciano, New York
Randi Douglas, Detroit
Barbara Currie, Belmont, Massachusetts


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