More Bribes for MEAP
When the Bribes STop, and you are all alone, what then?

                Monday, January 31, 2000

                     State could pay 52 schools
                     for acing test

                     By Kim Kozlowski / The Detroit News

                         Fifty-two elementary schools in Metro Detroit could snatch
                     up financial incentives for MEAP performance under an
                     $8-million Golden Apple award proposed by Gov. John Engler. 
                         The proposal, which features two components, would award
                     $1,000 for every full-time employee in schools that improve
                     Michigan Educational Assessment Program scores by 60 points
                     over two years. School districts also would be rewarded with
                     $10,000 to use on improvements. 
                         The second component would offer similar incentives to the
                     highest achieving elementary schools in the state. 
                         The Legislature would have to approve the program in the
                     governor's budget later this year. 
                         If approved, 169 elementary schools across the state would
                     qualify for the award, with a number of them in Detroit and
                     Wayne County potentially garnering the award. Sixteen Detroit
                     elementary schools and six Livonia schools made the list that
                     Engler recently announced. 
                         "These scores reflect improvement," Engler said. "We ought
                     to say Way to go! We see your school district is improving.'" 
                         Detroit Schools Spokesman Stan Childress said the program
                     sounded "pretty attractive ." 
                         But he also noted that Detroit elementary schools may be
                     eligible for a second, similar incentive that Interim CEO David
                     Adamany is proposing. Under Adamany's plan, all school
                     employees would receive a bonus if Detroit's below-average
                     MEAP scores rise. 


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