Words of Support:
    Keep the faith, Detroit teachers.  You are the only ones who can test this
punitive law.  i am behind you 100%!!
Judy Kelly

>To Striking DPS Teachers:
>Just wanted to let you know that there are some of us who teach in the
>suburbs - with all of the supplies and most of the support we need - who
>are paying attention to your situation. It is inspiring to see you
>standing up to the appointed school board and union leadership - both of
>whom have  ignored your needs and the needs of your students while
>imposing standards which are increasingly out of touch with the reality
>of your students' lives. Lastly,  I am thankful for the example you are
>setting with regard to the anti-strike laws - all teachers in the state
>will benefit.
>In Support,
>Judy Depew


Sat, 04 Sep 1999

> dear detroit teachers,
> stay the course in your important, courageous and principled struggle.
>your fight for genuine and necessary educational and financial reforms for
>students and yourselves is absolutely essential if quality teaching and
>learning is remain viable. thank you. john marciano, social-historical
>foundations of education, state university of new york, college at cortland