THANK YOU is lame to express the my blazing gratitude for the light of
hope you have kindled in so many people.

THANK YOU for leading the way to show that people can still get together, express what's right and prevail.

THANK YOU for putting the children first.

THANK YOU for publicly voicing your views, for making your presence tangible and real.
My horn honked, my lights flashed and my heart lept as I passed the Center Bldg on my
way to work.

THANK YOU for being what I know you to be -- conscientious, caring, principled,
talented and ultimately professional educators rising up in a sea of ignorance and greed.

I FERVENTLY HOPE you will enter into important dialogue over the upcoming vote -- that
you will keep the long-term interests of Detroit children, working teachers and public education in mind as you make this important decision. Do what's right and do it together.

With great admiration and deepest gratitude, Randi Douglas