Today's layoffs: 11/14/03

Where are all these jobs everyone (media) is so ecstatic about?

Thanks to the reader who compiled this information

Baltimore City Public School System Facing Massive Layoffs

Zhone completes merger, dumps workers

Adobe Systems cuts 3% of work force

Job ends for civilian report technicians

Conference confronts Macon job losses

Nineteen lose jobs at Boston Herald

Plant closings cost Salem 620 jobs

Berkshire Health Systems Cuts

County Forces Unpaid Leave at SB Courts

Telemarketers Blame Layoffs on Do not Call Registry

Tyco Set to Cut 100 Jobs

Vistakon completes layoffs with 279 Jax cuts

Returning Troops Complain of Job Problems

Police Budget Heading for the Red,1413,106~4992~1766750,00.html

Budget woes hammer state and local government jobs

Hoover Lays off 30 salaried workers

Bechtel could lay off 200 by Jan. 31

Wafer Plants Closing in Salem

Steelcase Inc - More Layoffs Possible,1,5113811.story?coll=chi-business-hed

Big Bear stores to go up for auction

Proposed job cutbacks stun Cleveland Police, Fire unions

Cuts too depp for tasks at hand

Amid layoffs, CSX has $1-million for Super Bowl seats

Franklin Mint dismisses 200 workers from Suburban Center

Housing Authority Cuts Jobs,1713,BDC_2423_2427740,00.html

Cone cuts 190 Jobs at White Oak Mill

Layoffs Looming Large at Valley Crest

Des Moines School Layoffs could affect 45

Budget Cuts in Westchester to Force 236 Layoffs

N.E. Acquarium to Lay off Staff

Ahold consolidation could mean layoffs for Giant in Maryland

Mayor Campbell addresses layoff proposal

Yesterday's figures don't look much better, but then, the AJC says: Jobless Claims Low Enough to Breed Optimism


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