Teaching Well Against the Terror September 13 2001
>Dear Friends, 
>Thinking teachers are swimming upstream. In practical ways, many people
>report good classroom results using Dr Seuss' "Sneetches," and combining
>that with the recent book "Dr Seuss Goes to War," which offers some
>historical background to his work. "Sneetches" can set up a thread of
>discussion and investigation which can run through an entire school year.
>Here is a link to questions people can use in interrogating texts:
>However, the recent terrorist attack (conducted, most likely, by people
>trained by US intelligence agencies while engaged in the covert war in
>Afghanistan) is having predictable results. Terrorism heaps horrors on
>innocents, those who were initially targeted, and then the people the
>terrorists claim to represent, but do not---so they substitute bombs.
>Unless we are being grossly deceived, as many were immediately following
>Vietnam Vet Tim McVeigh's horror, the people of the Middle East, are going
>to pay a terrible price for the acts of a few. Since there is a long
>history of this result of terror, it is reasonable to point to most
>terrorists and say: Cop. 
>However, the relentless international war of the rich on the poor is being
>set up as a matter of national honor, and many of the people who have been
>most victimized by the racism, hierarchy, fear of sexuality, and
>irrationalism that is built into a social system reliant on greed and
>fear---those same people are lining up to be victimized again by joining
>with their local ruling classes, in wars on their poor colleagues across
>some border. 
>Californians, whose entire state treasury of $11 billion dollars was looted
>by a Democratic governor and turned over to oil billionaire pals of the
>Republican president, demonstrating the true bipartisan nature of money,
>those Californians are now frequently offering their bodies, blood, and
>minds, to the service of a national unity that exists as only a convenient
>fiction for the rich--who have never been confused about whose side they
>are on. 
>Throughout the U.S., we witness a turn to jingoism, witless patriotism,
>often sponsored by entire school systems. Friday appears to be red, white
>and blue day. At the same time, anti-Arab racism is mobilizing; incidents
>in Michigan alone are mounting.
>Below is a link to Fredy Perlman's prescient piece, "The Continuing Appeal
>of Nationalism"
>Don't join the endless war of the rich on the poor.
>best r

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