Rouge Forum on February 5, 2000

Dear Friends,

Here's an update and reminder on working sessions of the Rouge Forum and

Whole Schooling Consortium. On February 5 we will meet from 10:00 - 3:00 at

the Student Center Grand Ballroom on the second floor, Wayne State

University. These will be working sessions aimed to organized around the

following themes. We will gather as a large group and then break up into

working groups to get things done, coming back together a time or two as we

feel the need. There will be plenty of food. No charge for anything.

1. RESISTING STANDARDIZED TESTING: the MEAP and more (our partners across

states). People will discuss issues and strategies for working dealing with

standardized testing and its negative impact on the learning of children and

its social impact on communities.

2. BUILDING INCLUSIVE EDUCATION AND STRUGGLING AGAINST EXCLUSION. Those ofus spending our time in promoting inclusive education for students with

special needs through proactive work in schools and political advocacy will

explore strategies. For teachers in the Eastside Detroit Whole Schooling

Cluster, this is a time when we may start planning ways to work in our

buildings. For all interested we can join together and see how to strengthen

these efforts in our own buildings and support one another across schools.

3. EDUCATION SUMMIT PLANNING COMMITTEE. All those involve in planning for

the Education Summit June 26-28, 2000 will meet to work on the program,

recruiting participants, etc.

4. ROUGE FORUM NEWSPAPER. This will be a working session for this quarterly

publication of the Rouge Forum.

5. Rouge Book Clubs. We would like to have a form that people could use to

set up monthly meetings around a given text, to socialize and discuss their

readings. Ideas?

Whether you have been involved before or not, we invite your participation.

The Whole Schooling Consortium is a grassroots network of individual

teachers, parents, and faculty members, schools, and universities who are

committed to building proactive, child, family, and community-centered

schooling practices.

The Rouge Forum is devoted to enabling democracy in education and society

and engages people in dialogue, critical analysis and political and social


We look forward to seeing you there. Please feel free to contact me if you

have questions.


Michael Peterson

Wayne State University

217 Education

Detroit, Michigan 48202