Working meetings

April 8. Community Room. 3rd floor. Undergraduate Library. WSU

May 6. Hillberry A. Second floor, Student Center, Wayne State University.

10:00 - 12:00. Education Summit Planning Committee. 

During this time this committee will be planning the upcoming Education Summit on June 26-28, 2000. You are welcome to be part of this effort.

12:00 Ð 1:00 Informal lunch provided. 

1:00 - 3:00 Working Action Networks.

Standardized testing and alternatives.

A network of teachers and faculty members are working to communicate information regarding the harmful effects of standardized testing, seeking ways to organize efforts against such testing, and promoting more effective alternatives. 

Inclusive education and Differentiated Instruction.

Come join a network of teachers and parents interested in promoting quality inclusive teaching. We will share information about strategies teachers are using in classrooms, methods of co-teaching and teacher support, and ways to promote movements towards inclusive education.

For information contact Michael Peterson or Rich Gibson
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