Georg Lukacs 

On Irrationalism

"Now irrationalism always begins with this (necessary, irrevocable, but always relative) discrepancy between the intellectual reflection and the objective original. The source of the discrepancy lies in the fact that the tasks directly presented to thought in a given instance, as long as they are still tasks, still unresolved problems, appear in a form which at first gives the impression that thought, the forming of concepts, breaks down in the face of reality, that the reality confronting thought represents and area

beyond reason (the rationality of the category system of the conceptual method used so far).

Hegel...analyzed a..real road to a resolution of these difficulties... 

"..What if (however) a virtue is made of ...the inability to comprehend the world intellectually? That if a virtue is made of this necessity and the inability to comprehend the world intellectually is presented

as a 'higher perception as faith, intuition, and so on? Clearly this problem will crop up at every stage of knowledge and social development, ie., each time that social evolution and hence science and philosophy are forced to make a leap forward in order to answer the real questions arising. ..It is not

chiefly intellectual and philosophical considerations which decide a thinker's choice between the old and the new, but class allegiance...(which is often) halted at the threshold of knowledge and turned round and fled in the opposite direction". 

Georg Lukacs (1952) Destruction of Reason, Humanities Press, New Jersey p100.

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