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APRIL 2006
Law to Segregate Omaha Schools Divides Nebraska

NCLB Profiteers

High school requirements toughened    

MARCH 2006
Online Colleges Receive a Boost From Congress Baltimore Algebra Project Leads Class Size Student Sit-In Huge gaps in state, federal test scores
Company's Errors on SAT Scores Raise New Qualms About Testing
Florida students could face new exams tied to performance bonuses for teachers

For these kids, school is always out

Case Involving Errors in Teacher Test Is Settled Standardized Tests Don't Make the Grade
Ludlow Pleads Guilty to Violating Campaign Law in '03 Council Race Trials of a Detroit Teacher, Abandoned by the DFT SAT Problems Even Larger Than Reported
Schools Cut Back Subjects to Push Reading and Math Maryland Seizes Baltimore Schools
Teaching Darwin in the US Nest of Irrationalism WHO IS JAY BENNISH? Suburban jock became seeker of global truths  


Palm Beach Student Defeats District Pledge Demands and Wins Big Bucks Ed Schools vs. Education Pentagon Database Leaves No Child Alone
Bush Budget Cuts Education Funding, Proposes More Vouchers
Panel Explores Standard Tests for Colleges
Bush Guts Education Budget Again
Tutor Program Offered by Law Is Going Unused
Education Department's Programs proposed for elimination
Michigan Schools Remain Segregated (MSU 2006)
No College Left Behind?    




(click here for)  California Education and Testing Issues
National Standards for United States History Albert Shanker: No Flowers Take Out Your No. 2 Pencils
Research on Class Size US Teacher Salaries 
The Education Industry: The Corporate Takeover of Public Schools
Article on Vouchers from Our Milwaukee Friends History of Socialist and Communist Thought Materials on the Philosophy of Education
Center for Dewey Studies History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers Schools for scandal
Democracy and Education by Noam Chompsky Redrawing the Lines:  The Case Against Traditional Social Studies Instruction
by E. Wayne Ross
Left at the Altar:  The Teachers' Union Merger and the Prospects of Education Reform
UG! Detroit Education Whole Schooling Consortium Inclusive Community and Democracy
Detroit Public Schools Takeover Crisis State wants tougher school accreditation "Tougher Standards" vs. Better Education
Alfred North Whitehead on Education Rescuing Our Schools from "Tougher Standards" National school standards urged
Coalition plans drive for vouchers:
Amway founder wants to provide choice of schools
Daniel Fader on Whole Schooling Standardized Test Disaster In New York
Racist Tests Create Academic Gap Teaching About Vietnam Chicago's Lockstep Curricula
Re-segregating Schools By E. Wayne Ross  Paul Buhle on Shanker IRA Opposes High Stakes Tests
MSU Study: Charter Schools Nothing New Kindergarten Race Gap  
nea code of ethics test mania in michigan Maxey Training School
Charter school funding Robs Public Schools Kids' Health for Sale Clinton loves them tests
The Death of Alan Bloom NEA-AFT to Merge in Montana and Fla Pushback Movement Worries Ed Week Bosses 
Standardized Testing IS Cheating Emperor's Clothes participatory action research 
The I Search Paper The I-Search Paper II From the People who Brought Standards
Bogus Opposition to Standards
Great Books (en espanol) How Do People Think and Learn?
Culture/Class and Rationalism
Alienation, Exploitation, and Connected Citizenship
by E. Wayne Ross
Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work by Jean Anyon GETTING EVALUATION WRONG: The Case Against Standardized Testing by Alfie Kohn A Declaration of Professional Conscience for Teachers by Kenneth S. Goodman
Ken and Yetta Goodman's Homepage Nicholas LeMann on The Big Test: The SAT Frontline WWW page
Secrets of the SAT
A Traditional Unit Plan A Loss for Texas Students Against Standardized Tests: Harold Berlak
New York School Corruption Punished by rewards? Alfie Kohn Norm Kunc, "In Spite of my Disability"
Center for the Anaylsis of Commercialism in Education The SCAM website Ms Damon's (traditional/net)Social Studies Class
My Pedagogic Creed by John Dewey Newberry And Caldecott Award Winners  Oppose High Stakes Standardized Tests!
Resisting Test Mania by E. Wayne Ross Spectacle of Standards and Summits by E. Wayne Ross C Wright Mills On Textbooks
Glenn Commission on Teaching Science and Math (2001) Teacher won't administer CSAP  tests  NEA RA 2000 Summary by EIA
Canadian Syllabus: Teaching Social Studies The Allegory of Plato's Cave

Another link

High-Stakes Testing and Standardization: The Threat to Authenticity
by Kevin D. Vinson, Rich Gibson, E. Wayne Ross
Social Studies Resources High-Voltage Protest The Eight Year Study on College Prep
The Dickens Project Charles Dickens On Children March 2001 Fascist AFT Loves Fonics And Bush
Bread and Butter Unionism Attacks Kids  Cuban on Standardized Tests Center for the Analysis of Commercialism in Education
Center for Education Research, Analysis, and Innovation Disney---the Boss Companies Turn to Grades, and Employees Go to Court
Robin Hood
Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood
Ex-teacher blasts focus on tests Teachers lead Tijuana sit-in
Hawaii Teachers Shut Down State AFT Lobbies to Suspend Kids
High Stakes Tests to Cost $7 Billion Another Conventional Lesson Plan Outline Mass Protests Against Big Tests
Education Week May 2001
Right Answer, Wrong Score: Test Flaws Take Toll When a Test Fails the Schools, Careers and Reputations Suffer  New York Times on Taylorism in Education
Howard Kahane, a Founder of Critical Thinking in US, Dies Promises Made, Promises Broken 
by Patrick Shannon
Critical Pedagogy, Political Agency, and the Pragmatics of Justice: The Case of Lyotard by Peter McLaren
AZ Standards Paths of Learning on Testing and Standards High Stakes Testing:
A collection of position statements and policy briefs from various national organizations
Gerald Coles, from his forthcoming book Great Unmentionables: What National Reading Reports and Reading Legislation Don't Tell You How High are High Stakes in Michigan? The WASL - "Washington Assessment of Student Learning" (Education Revolt)
NY Kids/Teachers Abused by 4th Grade Tests 98 to 8 for the Testistos SchoolGrants: Grants and Opportunities for K-12 Schools
NEA To Support Non-Testing Measures San Diego Columnist Calls for Back to Balance Mrs. Clinton Backs Giving Mayor Control of New York Schools
Engler Slashes 2001 School Funding American Society for Ethics in Education Navy boss to run section of SDUSD
Louv column on "Back to Balance Movement" series Obit For Richard Cloward, Human Rights Fighter Patrick Shannon on Marx and Literacy Education
Fighting High Stakes Testing US Teachers Work More For Less
The Reading Debate: Has Phonics Won? Beware of the Standards, Not Just the Tests Billy Ayers: WeatherCop
Mismatch: Historical Perspectives on Schools and Students Who Don't Fit Them Engler Guts School Budget as Economy Crashes and War Begins Teachers union president resigns over porn charges, gets $140,000
Bob Moses on Ed Reform Michael Apple on Ravitch Great Ann Arbor Halloween Custom Wins Contest
Freedom Schooling from the Boggs Center Dec 01: Judge Jails 49 Teachers in NJ 6-13-01 -- Testing -- Education Week
NEA and Chase Support Bush Education Package NEA Off Strike, Off Balance California Reader Best Kids Books 2002
An Economic Recovery Will Tell in the Classroom Kids as Fundraisers: Commodifying Schools AFT Boosts Bush's Fascist Education Plan
New GED (2002) Written by Taco Bell NEA Won't Oppose Education Bill Philly Schools Face Edison Takeover, and Mass Resistance
Vivian Gussey Paley on Play and Learning How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life: Organize You! Colleges Become Unaffordable To Poor
Bush Signs Testing Bill: Kennedy Cheers Edison Schools Perform Poorly Study Says Rose Shapiro, Board Member During OceanHill Brownsville Dies
Bush, Capital, and the Education Bill Bracey in Washington Post on Failing Schools Burbak Teachers Association on Standards, Big Tests, and the NRP
The Wandering of the National Reading Panel: Kappan Harvard Report on Resegregation of Schools LA Mainstreams
Standard And Poors Loves Oaklands Rich White Schools Ken Goodman's Absurdity of the Month Jan 02 Michigan Districts Face Deep Cuts
Enron and Education White Teaching Force Gets Whiter A School That Fits Kids, not Vice Versa
Slaying Homework, the Sacred Cow THE HEGEMONY OF ACCOUNTABILITY IN SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES by Sandra Mathison and E. Wayne Ross The Fascist Edison Schools: Brave New Classrooms
Kid TV for Sale Plagiarist Historians Textbook War in Moldova
Teachers Spend Big on Supplies Rothstein on Teaching History Beyond Mere Facts Gerry Coles' Handcuffing Education
Web Page for E. Wayne Ross Paul Robeson Study Unit Is it better to have a priest who molests your kids, or to have no priest? 
Trickster Tales: References New York State Tests Measure Class and Race High-stakes Testing, Uncertainty, and Student Learning by Audrey. L. Amrein & Dave Berliner
Plagarist Historian Builds PR Campaign NEA's Note to Parents on How to Get in an Orderly Line for the Big Tests  Capital Seizes Philly Schools: Edison Top Dog
Education Funding Database Student Fights SAT and Wins Edison Fails the Big Test: Profitability
EDISON SCHOOLS FLUNKS By  CHRISTOPHER BYRON Students Do Poorly on History Tests Gary Nash on Failing the National History Tests
ASBJ On Improving Teacher Ed Caps on Class Size Slipping Away Malign Neglect: NYC Schools by  Jonathan Kozol 
Criminal NY Testers Censor Great Authors A test scorer's story Anna Quindlen on Testing and Censored Literature
A Student's Guide to SAT 9 Testing Teachers in Sex Cases Just Shuffled Along Edison Fails and Bails in Mt Clemens
National Economics Standards (proposed) Standardized tests ruled a failure  Philly Students Fight "Edron"
Edison May Go Under, Michigan Warns God Outted From Pledge Chant Catholic Schools are Segregated Schools
Court Rules Rotten Schools are Legal Court OK's Random Drug Tests Supreme Court: Public Must Support Irrationalists' Schools
Dumbing Textbooks For God and Profits "WHY SO MANY EXAMS? A MARXIST RESPONSE" By Bertell Ollman NEA Builds Fascist Teaching
Unequal Education and the Reproduction of the Social Division of Labor by Samuel Bowles Rothstein on raising standards and cutting budgets Lynn Stratton: Killing thinking in Florida
School text debate: Just the facts or rewriting history? Ken Goodman's Absurdity of the Month, August 2002 Edison's Failing Grade
The History of Education and Childhood Martin Luther King on Education McGraw-Hill Reports Profit Rise of 14%
Education Quotes Neediest Schools Receive Less Money RAPIDLY RESEGREGATING SCHOOL DISTRICTS
Big Tests Kill Summer--and Freedom Fear by A.S. Neill, from Summerhill (p124) More Tests and More Reporting for Michigan Districts in 2002
20,000 Kids Held in Grade: Baltimore's Shame Battleground: How To Teach About Tyranny and Terror? Commercialism in Education
Slap Their Hands and Pray for Fonics: Ohanian What is history?  NCES Data on Schools 2001--Quick Facts
Good Cheats Go to Good Schools Teachers Dig Deeper to Fill Gap in Supplies Mt Clemens Dumps Edison
NYC School Bosses Go On Piece Work Trelease on Open court U. Mich Study: Poor Kids Set Up to Fail Tests
U. Mich Study: Poor Kids Set Up to Fail Tests--Article 2 Regulating Reading: Phedural Fonix TEACHERS VS. BETTER SCHOOLS
PDK SATIRE on Education and Testing School Bosses as Thieves Edison Boss Wants to Use Child Labor
Ohio Irrationalists Push Mystical Creationism Harvard Magazine on the Testing Trap Kindergarten as Incarceration
Halt Creative Teaching? An Exchange Summary of "Schooling in Capitalist America" Two chapters from Schooling in Capitalist America 
Chapter 3
Chapter 5
Feds Threaten States on Standards Bush Brother Sells School Software Frederick Taylor and the Cult of Efficiency in the Classroom
For-profit U.S. schools sell off  their textbooks NYC Guts School Budget by 215 Million Profile of The Average Teacher
Leave No Child Unrecruited Edison Crumbling Rich vs Poor on Research Papers
ETS Bogus Non-Profit Pays Off Its Bosses Cats Paw For Vouchers: Overstuffing Successful Schools Next disaster in American education: Rising test scores
McGraw-Hill Sued for Phony Data Ivan Illich, RIP Ding Dong the Case Is Dead
Case to be Replaced  AERA Alert Chinese Indoctrination in School, Like That in US
Bush To Privatize 850,000 Fed Jobs?
Racist Last Hired Impact Soon
Krashen:Exposing False Claims About Reading Instruction "After the Rain" by Elizabeth Bishop (1942)
Opting Out (WSJ) NEA Study on Big Tests: The Tests Fail the Kids Prevalence of Autism Growing
Krashen on Grammar and Diagramming Bush Responds to Rising Tide of Testing Criticism BBC: US Schools Recruit Scots for Hazardous Teaching
letter to the NYTimes: Richard Allington on Teaching Grammar/Drill and Kill AFT to Congress: One size, please... NEA BUYs Report on Tests
Bloomberg and NYTimes Support Regimentation of NYC schools Bloomberg Seizes NYC Schools, AFT Cheers Allington: What I Have Learned About Effective Reading Instruction
History vs Social Studies: 2003 Zinn: You Cannot Be Neutral on a Moving Train 50% of Teachers Quit in First Five Years
After School Online Forum Oakland School Boss/Thief Fired Sam Hixson Shuts Down His School--Against the Oil War
Miami: Schools as Markets, The Construction Boondoggle River Rouge School Whistleblower Now a Target Livonia Ties Administrator Pay to Racist Meap
Vygotsky and the Zone of Proximal Development Worker's Theatre As An Inquiry Process for Exploring Historical Social Issues OF THE THIRTIES: THE MASS RECITATION Black Students Driven From Schools: The Expulsion Rates
Prof Says: Meap Measures Zip Codes Sellout Portland School Union Agrees to Huge Concessions California Court Bans Bogus Pledge
2000 School District Demographic Data From NCES You Can Fool A Sneetch: Oregon Teachers Ratify Sellout The War on our Schools
National Dismay with NCLB NCSS: Ten Thematic Strands in Social Studies, All Grades SDCS & Title I Violations
Spending versus Academic Achievement OR Everything You Wanted To Know About Schooling But Were Afraid To Ask Missing on top campuses: the poor From Chapter 2 of The Business Roundtable and Systemic Reform: How Corporate-Engineered High Stakes Testing has eliminated community participation in the developing of educational goals and policies.
Rod Paige Joins the Drooling SnakeHandling Fundamentalists FairTest position statement on ESEA-NCLB For One Small Education Company, Iraqi Schools Are a Huge Challenge
Fed Sanctions Target Poor Michigan Schools Kozol: Ghetto Schools, and the Rich What Some Much-Noted Data Really Showed About Vouchers
History of American Education WWW Project House says religious groups can discriminate in federal programs Nation's students still at risk
Mainstream Unit on the Depression Segregation returning to public education  Voodoo Education Gets Fed Backing
Parallels Between NCLB and Invasion of Iraq States Cut Test Standards to Avoid Sanctions
Regulating Teacher Ed Programs: 2003
The Rod Paige Fraud in Houston
Youth Joblessness at Highest Rates Ever
Curricula battles way back in the USSR
The Education Family Says, "So Long, Kiddies"
Krashen on False Claims of National Reading Panel
Yatvin Letter to NY Times on the National Reading Panel (August 2003)
NYT Times Column on Houston "miracle" 8/13/03 Reading Between the Lines: The Big Tests and Fonix
AP National Story on CEP High-Stakes Testing Report
The Big Tests, The US and Europe Florida Board Retreats On Class Size Ammendment
Chester Finn vs The Social Studies Talibanization of Campus Life 2003 Michigan Schools Gutted of Everything But Tests
Herbert: The Kids Left Behind
Double Whammy: Budget Cuts and Big Tests Michigan School Choice
Big Tests Untested for Accuracy Don't inflate CTBS's meaning
Coke Aims at Schools--Via PTA McDonalds ReArms for Kiddie Ads
Hegel and Education Science and Technology Education As An Unfunded Weapon
More on Rod Paige's Houston Lies
Broad Foundation and the US Dept of Ed 40 % NYC Schools Fail ACT and SAT Scores at Odds
Alice in Testland

Tony Whitson Responds to Finn Kiddies, Not Burgers
Repeal NCLB

Partisan Minnesota Academic standards strike nerves
Whistleblower Details Houston Dropout Coverup
Utopian Project at Columbia
DEMOCRATS DEFEND BUSH SCHOOL REFORM The Booroobin Sudbury School - a centre of learning
Schools drop naptime for testing preparation THE GREAT ESCAPE: TEACHERS FLEE JOBS IN RECORD NUMBERS
The Hubris of Nationalizing the Schools: NCLB
Monty Neill article on NCLB in Kappan
Gestapo style "anti-drug" raid hit NC school
Rich Colleges Receiving Richest Share of U.S. Aid
Class Struggle 101 by Barbara Ehrenreich
Some Parents Rebel Against Competitive Sport Brutality
The Houston Fraud Unravels
Larry Cuban: So Much High Tech Money So Little Use Straight talk on school spending
Brits' Teacher Union Abandons Exam Boycott: Teachers Support the Big Tests
District sues Pa. over NCLB
Education Firms See Money In Bush's School-Boost Law Districts Begin to Resist NickleBee
Fifty Years After Brown, Seperate and Unequal
EduNazi Teacher Writes for LA Times: Jailer Can't Understand Why the Prisoners Don't Like Her Walt Haney: Big Tests and Force outs
Thieves Fall Out Over NCLB
Padres Boss Moores Says College Not For All
Utah To Reject NCLB?
Testocracy Bosses Launching Test-Score Ranking Web Site
What's in the No Child Left Behind Act? by Harold Berlak
Latest from the "Raise the Bar" Testocracy Crowd
NCLB Resistance from the Right
When Time Catches On, the Times May Be Changing
February 2004 Detroit News Attacks NCLB
At Poor Schools, Time Stops on the Library's Shelves New York's School Bosses Bailing Out in Midst of Nepotism Scandal
Rise, fall of middle school library
Walmart Invades Public School Arena
From Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee GA Social studies revisions draw fire
Teacher Unions and the Standards Movement Atheist Rips Up Supreme Court on Pledge NEA Letter On NCLB

HIGH STAKES STANDARDIZED NORM-REFERENCED TESTING: Background Information & Position Statement by Marc Pruyn

Sample Anti-Testing Letter   
Inhuman Powers and Terrible Things: The Theory and Practice of Alienated Labor in Urban Schools By Kathleen Kesson
Stressed for Success? Giroux Run Out of Penn State
Commodifying field trips
NEA Rankings of the States 2003 and Estimates for 2004 Strange Bedfellows: The Conservative and Neoliberal Coalition Behind High Stakes Testing
Response to NCLB by the Vermont Superintendents  Association The Strange Origin of the Pledge of Allegiance Alfie Against Leviathan, against bogus standards--and Sizer Too!
Two Education News Clip Services
The Importance of Community in the High School Classroom--Penn State University Master's Thesis 2001 Using Marx as the Fountainhead in Secondary Social Studies Curriculum Organization: A Rationale by Greg Queen
Marx and Education by Barry Burke


APRIL 2004

The State of Teacher Education  in California: A Report Addressed to Faculty, Students, and the Public Finland: Educational Utopia? The Nation on Brown vs Board: Beyond black, white and brown
Ed week article on NCLB by Mathis Social Class Bars the College Door for all But the Rich Cal State students protest cuts

MAY 2004

Students Blow Off The Idiot MEAP Bonita Students Boycott the Big Tests 50 yrs later, segregation reigns in US schools
Weber Cancels Student Vote, Imposes Massive Fee Hike for Athletics Pennsylvania Supers Blast NCLB A New Generation of Standardized Tests ??
Good Teachers + Small Classes = Quality Education Failing Our Children: New FairTest Report NEC Looted the Schools

JUNE 2004

Macomb Criminals Admit to School Development Fraud East Detroit School Bosses Cop Pleas on Their Massive Theft

JULY 2004

Riordan to Child: You are A Stupid Dirty Girl China Testing: Cheaters Rule Bush Oh for One On FCAT
Schools' stolen money is gone From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad   


Henry Louis Gates: Idiot State report cards show strong hope Times obituary, Bill Martin
Chicago-area Districts Reject NCLB Funds San Diego Schools Get Zero Growth on Big Tests Elementary Schools Post Lower Scores
Bad News on the Charter Front WSJ on AFT Charter Research Ruling Class' War Means School Class Cuts
Test Scores Reveal Charters Like Public Schools School District Ties Pay to Performance More States Offer Single - Sex Schools
Michigan Failing Schools Manage to Get High Grades By Lying U.S. Cutting Back on Details in Data About Charter Schools


Fairtest on Bush Education Promises Good Schools or Bad? Ratings Baffle Parents Education Policy 1964-2004:  The No Child Left Behind Act and the Assault on Progressive Education and Local Control by Harold Berlak
School Daze Cartoon From Village Voice Close Examination of the Big Tests From The California Sun Teachers Should be Scholars, Intellectual Researchers
Joy and Learning: Alfie Report: U.S. slips in education ratings What? No recess?! District issues edict
Mexico's Schools Can't Keep Up Former City Schools Official Admits Using False Credentials


Closing the Racial Achievement Gap Testing of U.S. Students Wider Gap Found Between Wealthy and Poor Schools
Booklet That Upset Mrs. Cheney Is History Good SF Chronicle Editorial on NCLB Schools Teach Fear of Sexuality
Kids Torch Baltimore's School-Jails
Story 2  
Karp: The NCLB Test


Second Time Around
Privitization: selling High School name &  classrooms Test Shell Game: ACT Beats the High School MEAP to Death
A Whuppin in School? Why Not?
Profile of New U.S. Education Secretary
NCLB Deflects Focus from Poorest Learners


Flippy Guerrilla Street Theater
Test-Maker Tries to Block Public Criticism
China's Textbooks Distort History: NYTIMES
Bye Bye MEAP
NCTE statement on assessment Japanese teachers refuse to salute fascist flag


Art Teachers Seek Standardized Tests
FairTest's "Report Card" on Bush and NLCB
Administration Paid NCLB Commentator Labor History Web Links With Teachers' Corner
Bush Plan Puts Schools to Test San Diego Column Makes NCLB Scam Connections
Kathy Emery: Total Control and High Stakes Testing (2005)
Ten Points for Defending Public Schools
NY Times: The Crafty Attacks on Evolution Position statements of IL assn of school boards on NCLB
Book Reviews: The Search for What Should Be, Within What Is


Ward Churchill Fights Demands to Quit
The Learning Record Fact sheet on the "New" SAT Writing test "The Search for the Truth: How High Stakes Testing is Ruining Your Child's Education"(powerpoint)
Wineburg on Teaching History That You Don't Know
California public school assessment regulations

MARCH 2005

NCLB memo FairTest Examiner Study Finds Poor Performance by Nation's Education Schools
LA Teachers oppose high stakes testing

APRIL 2005

Press for libraries, not phonics
Letter to the editor by Stephen Krashen
A Lucrative Brand of Tutoring Grows Unchecked
Test Reprieve Keeps Top Teacher on Job
Texas Officials Shrug Off Fine Over Bush Law

MAY 2005

State to Pad MEAP Writing Scores In Defense of Our Children: When Politics, Profit and Education Collide book review Neocons Lay Siege to the Ivory Towers
SAT Essay Test Rewards Length and Ignores Errors
AP Classes Expelled by Elite School
When Students Complain About Professors, Who Gets to Define the Controversy? Michigan School funding system blasted
College Libraries Set Aside Books in a Digital Age
Walkout has schools, city at the ready
Downtown rally to protest No Child Left Behind on Tuesday
Outsourcing NCLB Tutoring to India
American Library Association against proposed bill to federally mandate school library purchases

Suit to fight for bilingual testing:
South County schools want more accurate assessments
Schools in U.S. Set Enrollment Record Reader's Forum: Here are the reasons why I didn't graduate from Federal Hocking last weekend

JULY 2005

  Education Official Suggests Expansion of Testing Study Great Ideas, but Teach to the Test

NCLB Tutoring: $2 Billion Bonanza


NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND CONTROVERSY IGNITES THE SILVER SCREEN Recent Cuts Reversing 50 Years of Progress in School Libraries
"Our Impoverished View of Educational Reform" The border and the classroom


Police purged teachers' prints Racism of High Stakes Testing 
Struggling Schools Face Sanctions as Private Tutoring Companies Reap Bonanza School recruiting rules tightened
NCLB Katrina Poster
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Parental Involvement Action Guide- English & Spanish
What Does It Mean To Be an Educated Person?

Granholm calls for statewide mandatory curriculum
FBI Appoints National Security Higher Education Advisory Board MEAP earlier, so are concerns
Racist NCLB Hits 10 Ca Schools Explore banned books with your students
Charters Get Better but Lag Traditional Schools, Study Says
ACT Replaces High School Meap Resource guide for addressing aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the classroom
Ex-Schools Chief Pleads Guilty to Huge Theft Virginia Costs Out NCLB Under Felony Charge, Oakland Mich School Boss Tries to Leave State -- The Freep History of Looting
Krashen Attacks Bush Library Funding Glazer Reviews Kozol
GAO Calls Bush NCLB Promotion Spending Violated Law
Teach For America: Exxon's Favorite Teachers


Romney on Education Lagunitas district faces sanctions for alternative approach
At Public Universities, Warnings of Privatization Arizona Teachers Face Tough Testing NCLB and California High Stakes Testing Handbook: BASIC INFORMATION and TAKING ACTION
Bush Education Law Shows Mixed Results in First Test
USA Today Opposes NCLB High School Tests
Happy Talk on School Reform
Colleges Protest Call to Upgrade Online Systems OR teacher strike in part over NCLB

Scouts, Bible groups can use schools

Errors and Cheating Allegations Proliferate
Pay-reform plan for teachers OK'd Shame of the Nation



EASE History How to Assess the Educational Health of a School District?
More to the Story -- the negative effects of annual standardized testing Jean Anyon on Teacher Development and Reform in an Inner-City School
Critical Education
It All Starts in Student Teaching: How We Betray Our Own Via Educational Internships
The Struggle For Teacher Professionalism At E.M. Downer Elementary

NPR on the Poor Report Card for NCLB 2005

U.S. Government To Discontinue Long-Term, Low-Yield Investment In Nation's Youth


Kozol, Overcoming Apartheid Education EXPERTS SAY: PUT STRESS ON PLAY, NOT ON CHILDREN
Judge Jones ourt Decision in PA on Evolution: Kitzmiller vs Dover Schools Cutting student loans to pay for the war L. A. Times editorial 12/26/05: "Private" public schools

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Revised April 6, 2015