Re: MEAP Scores Plummet at "Scary" Rate

The Michigan Meap is probably the most preposterous of state tests. Written by fourth-tier hacks, administered for many years by the state Treasury Department (not the Education Department), scored and evaluated by Standard and Poors, the MEAP web pages were commonly sponsored by real estate firm advertising.

For several years, Rouge Forum and other activists were able to shut down the MEAP tests with boycotts that reached 90% participation in some districts. It was often wealthy districts that took the lead, followed by the poorest, perhaps because parents and kids in wealthier districts know they have power, and know  MEAP prep makes people stupid. When kids and parents in poor districts saw the boycotts working, they followed suit.

One telling moment came in a formal MEAP meeting organized by the governor in Birmingham, Michigan, a wealthy area, where psychometricians, counselors, teachers, university specialists, parents and students denounced the MEAP from a variety of angles. The last person in line was the superintendent of Birmingham schools who could be expected to ask for a few reforms, and to offer to comply.
Instead, he rose and said, "Governor, if you think the parents of Birmingham are going to subject their children to this shabby project, then you simply do not know how power works."
Action against the MEAP has ebbed and flowed over the years.
There is no repairing the MEAP or any of the other state exams. The thing to do is shut down the systematic child abuse that they support.
Neither the NEA nor the AFT is going to do a thing to halt the Big Tests. Why?
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ps: thanks to the many people who wrote on-list and off in regard to my criticism of Kozol's "Education Manifesto" The issues raised and the comments made were complex and thoughtful. I have not responded right away because I'd like some time to reflect on where things are headed---especially as per the discussions on solidarity, and Oaxaca. It is clear to me, though, that without organization---nothing.