Perry Marker Statement on the Recall Election

The recall of Governor Gray Davis is based upon the whim and wealth of ONE  affluent person. I have yet to hear anyone make a cogent case as to why Governor Davis should be removed from office such as gross malfeasance, or criminal corruption. Like him or not, Gray Davis was elected  to be our governor by over 8 million people just 10 months ago. Davis and the people of California, do not deserve a grossly expensive recall in these traumatic budgetary times simply because one man has the wealth to command it.

To be blunt, what we are witnessing is a coup de état, initiated by Daryl Issa, supported by the Republican Party, with an assist coming from the Democrats, Greens and all others whose names appear on the recall ballot. Webster's  New World Dictionary defines a coup de état as a "sudden forceful stroke in politics." Without Issa's sudden influx of wealth, this recall would not be on the ballot. More importantly, if the recall is successful, the eventual winner may receive only 15 -25% of the total vote. The election of a person to lead the sixth largest economy in the world  by less than 1/4  of the electorate is appalling and must not be tolerated in a democratic society. If this election were to take place in a third world country, there would be howls of protest coming from supporters of the democratic process in this country. The Republicans could not win the presidency via election so they installed George W. Bush,  our "selected" President.  Now the Republican Party is supporting an "election" that could put the candidate in office with a dearth of votes that subverts the democratic process. If that is not a coup de état, I don't know what is.

Every one of the 135 people candidates on the ballot, regardless of political affiliation, are opportunists seeking to sneak in through the political back door opened by Issa and his wealth. All of these candidates are in an unholy alliance that supports the commandeering of democracy by the moneyed few. I urge all citizens who support a democratic process that is free from the influence of the wealth of one person to vote NO on the recall. Our democratic process deserves a better fate than to be hijacked by the wealth of Daryl Issa.

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