Tue, 09 Oct 2007


Regarding Students De Stress Before Taking Tests

Education  based on carrots and stick conditioning is the education of slaves.

From your article, "I kind of like to do the MEAPs because we get snacks," she said. "When people say the word MEAP, it strikes fear and intimidation in people," quotes another.

The MEAP and its big brother, the No Child Left Behind Act, are not tools for educational equality, but trademarks of a society writhing in war and inequality.

Nations promising the world perpetual war, and youth a choice of low-wage jobs or the military, make peculiar demands on schools. The NCLB/MEAP creates three funnels to feed the wars and the unjust economy: (1) regimented curricula which strip educators of creativity, replaces their minds with the minds of textbook corporations (2) high-stakes standardized exams measuring little but parental income, race, and subservience-- using false science to sort kids, and (3) military recruiters armed with false promises invade schools, seeking bodies who will engage in war without asking, "Why?"

 Only resistance can overcome the schools' atmosphere of intimidation. No parent should subject children to the MEAP. Educators must refuse to engage MEAP child abuse. Kids should walk out, set up real schools for themselves during test-tyranny time.

Dr Rich Gibson
Emeritus Professor of Education
San Diego State University