Re: Intelligent Design

Evolution is not a rootless theory, but a fact. We can learn more about any fact.

Things change, so there will always be room to know more about anything, a gap between what is known and what is not known. Social practice, which created scientific methods over millennia,  seeks to deepen what is known, recognizing there is more to be understood.

Worshiping the perpetual gap between what is known and what is not known, institutionalizing irrationalism, is not just abandoning reason. It is the ideology of death. With no way to test for truth, the only way to resolve disputes between belief systems which reject persistent critical analysis is, commonly, murder: Death to the Infidels, the Crusades, endless genocides.

The call from the Intelligent Designers is to abandon the intellect, the myth-dissolver.  Betraying the ability to criticize, consciously choosing to stop thinking, is useful to some people, dangerous for others.

Dr Richard Gibson
Associate Professor
San Diego State University
College of Education

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