i know you're business
by Michael DeMichele

Board of directors raise and clink their glasses,
toasting schemes that lay plunder to the masses,

their evil minds devise and plot our burdens,
spilling more blood than the battle of Verdun.

making war just to slake their thirst,
on the front lines their sons should be first.

one day a pin will prick their bubble
sooner than they know toil will turn to trouble

yes these vermin have some size and stature
but our will will put them out to the pasture!

no more empty suits will have the powers.
once again our destiny will be ours!

teaching them lessons they haven't learned
the bottom line says the people must be served

fed up, the people spill their yearning
resolved to keep the revolution turning!

day of reckoning, the empty suits are falling
"Mr. CEO the people are calling"

in fear the suits down the road they run!
Johnny laughing gets his gun
wets his sites and draws a bead,
down on one knee he drops the lead
an empty suit crumples but does not bleed

serving justice to the filthy
of avarice they are guilty!

stoked and fanned by the revolution's turn
set alight the empty suits well they burn!