Labnet: Everyday Stalinism - Microfiche Collection 

Everyday Stalinism: Living Standards, Norms and values Of various 
>Groups of Soviet People in the 1920s and 1930s
>IDC Publishers is is making available for the first time a new 
>microfiche collection that contains archival material that was 
>declassified in 1993. The contents of the materials provide an 
>insight into the socialist society of the USSR in the 1920s and 
>1930s. It provides answers to questions on the cultural and political 
>interest and economic situation of the ordinary soviet citizen within 
>that period. How much money did a Soviet engineer earn? Did 
>every student read Marx and own a radio? Could an average family 
>spend enough money on food? How active were soviet citizens in 
>socialist political movements?  
>The archival materials in this collection, now held at the Russian 
>State Archives of Economics (Rossiskii gosudarstvennyi archive 
>ekonomiki - RGAE), were compiled by the Central Administration 
>of Statistics of the USSR (TsSU), founded in 1917. For more 
>information you can visit IDC's website: 
>or contact Tatyana Doorn -Moisseenko