You cannot be forced to take the racist tests

California and Michigan Law make it clear that you do not have to take the SAT 9 (California) or the MEAP (Michigan). You have a right under law not to take the test. If they choose, parents can send a letter opting kids out of the test, or you can just stay home. Teachers are not supposed to solicit non-cooperation with the tests. However, they CAN tell you about interesting www sites like this one. Here are three links about the tests. (Fairtest, MEAP boycott flyer, and Nick Lemann on the Big Test)

In other states, like New York, the law is more restrictive. However, you can simply say, "My religion, the Universal Life Church Incorporated says that I must do what is right, and the test is not right." 

Or you can say, "Hundreds of parents and students are going to boycott this ridiculuous test that only measures parental income and race. So do not bother us. If you do, you will only demonstrate that you do not understand how power works."

Or you can say, "Was that your secretary we saw you with...?"

Or you can say, "We would like to receive, pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, all of your travel and expense reports for the last year. We would like the same reports for your secretary."

Or you can say, "This is my child and I will determine what is right for my child and what is not."

There is no reason for you to allow the standardistos to abuse your child, or to abuse you. Boycott the exams. Heap ridicule on the child abusers. California and Michigan parents and students have a legal right to opt out of the tests based on state law.  Teachers and  administrators are being directed not to inform you of your rights.  Parents and students in other states, for the most part, have the same rights written in state law.  However, if the authorities refuse to advise you of your rights under state code, you always have the right to refuse to participate in these exams based on your religion, or based on the fact that the exams systematically discriminate against people based on race and social class.  No school or state official has a right to retaliate against you for exercising your rights under the law.  It is illegal for any state official to abuse their authority to deny you your rights.

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This is all you have to say to the principal of the school to exempt your child from the abuse of the SAT9/STAR test in California. You do not need to say anything other than this, according to the law. You may want to tell the principal why you are doing this, but you are not required to do so.

Dear Principal:

I do not want my child ____________________________________ to take the SAT9/STAR test this spring. 




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