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The Snow Will be Melted–We Think.

Little Red Schoolhouse:

The children walking along the road of truth and reason carry love to all; and they clothe everything in new skies; they illumine everything with an incorruptible fire issuing from the depths of the soul. Thus a new life comes into being, born of the childrens’ love for the entire world; and who will extinguish this love–who? What power is higher than this? Who will subdue it? The earth has brought it forth; and all life desires its victory–all life. Shed rivers of blood, nay seas of blood, you’ll never extinguish it. Maxim Gorky, Mother, p486.

(Below, Biology Classroom, Wilbur Wright High, Detroit)

Subject: Cathleen Black – – Letter to the New York Times
Attached is a copy of my letter to the New York Times, January 15, 2010, unpublished. The Times article which referenced the unqualified New York Public Schools new Chancellor, Cathleen Black, was not even published in the regular edition of the Times. I had to read it by searching online. The newspaper whose motto is “All the News That’s Fit to Print” has been selective in stories or letters about Schools “Chancellor” Black, the choice of the rich and powerful.
Donald H. Smith, Ph.D.

To the Editor,:
Re: ” Solution to Crowded Schools? How About Birth Control?” by Fernanda Santos, January 14, 2011.
New York Public Schools Chancellor Cathleen Black, in her January 14, 2011 meeting with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, in response to concerns about school overcrowding suggested to Speaker Silver, parents, community leaders and principals of Lower Manhattan “Couldn’t we just have some birth control for a while?”.

In so speaking Ms. Black demonstrated that beyond being unqualified to head the nation’s largest school system by virtue of her having had no academic training, no advanced degree or any experience in education she also communicated that her view of the children and their communities is one of arrogant cultural detachment.

By New York City Department of Education’s data Black and Latino children are at least 70% of the public school population. Ms. Black thus said to their parents “Stop having babies”. The statement has strong cultural and gender implications. City Council Member Julissa Ferreras, chairwoman of the City Council Committee on Women’s Issues responded sharply,”The job of chancellor is to ensure that our city’s children are being educated and have the tools to learn – – not judge the reproductive choices of women in our city.”

The three strikes of 1. No education training, 2. No experience as an educator and 3. Arrogant cultural and gender views have struck Chancellor Black out. No attempt by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office or the local media to describe Ms. Black’s statement as a joke is acceptable. Ms. Black has made clear her disrespect for the children and families of the city. Cathleen Black should make a graceful exit.

Donald H. Smith, Ph.D.
Professor and chair of education (emeritus),
Baruch College, CUNY
Former chair, the New York City Board of Education’s
Commission on Students of African Descent

Graphic Display on How Capitalism Beats on the Schoolroom Door: night on school closures: How do we know that Cadman Elementary is expensive to run, anyway? Where’d we get the numbers? And can we check them out?

I wanted to see the same information that a school district committee is using to analyze school costs and usage, so I asked Deputy Superintendent Phil Stover for any data the group had used. Stover provided me with this spreadsheet, which compares schools by all different measures, including enrollment, capacity and cost.

One of the most important columns to look at is the last one, “GFU Cost Per Pupil.” That stands for “general fund unrestricted” — how much the school costs per child out of the day-to-day operating fund of the school district. That doesn’t include other money that schools get, such as federal money for disadvantaged students, so keep in mind that this number isn’t the total spending for each school.

We Say Fight Back!

All out the Week of March 2nd!

The Best Ever (so far) list of Labor and Related Films:

The International Economic War of the Rich on the Poor:

(above by Mike Konopackie)

The High Cost of Long Term Unemployment: As of December 2010, 30 percent of the 14 million Americans who were unemployed had been jobless for a year or more, according to data produced by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. That percentage is the highest since World War II, and it translates into more than 4.2 million people, roughly equivalent to the total population of Kentucky.

The problem of long-term unemployment has grown worse in the last year, even as the economy has improved.

Who Pays Taxes? Not the Corps and Not the Rich. So, Who? Us!

“A dirty little secret,” Richard Clarida, a Columbia University economist and former official in the Treasury Department under President George W. Bush, has said, “is that the corporate income tax used to raise a fair amount of revenue.”

Over the last five years, on the other hand, Boeing paid a total tax rate of just 4.5 percent, according to Capital IQ. Southwest Airlines paid 6.3 percent. And the list goes on: Yahoo paid 7 percent; Prudential Financial, 7.6 percent; General Electric, 14.3 percent.

Black Unemployment Rate Was 15.7% in January; Virtually Unchanged from 15.8% in December:

Food Prices Worldwide Hit Record Levels, Fueled by Uncertainty, U.N. Says: Riots and demonstrations erupting across the Middle East are not directly inspired by rising food prices alone, experts noted, but that is one factor fueling the anger directed toward governments in the region. Egypt was among more than a dozen countries that experienced food riots in 2008.

NAFTA’s Assault on the Poor: the North American Free Trade Agreement linked Mexico, Canada and the U.S. in 1994. Mexico, hoping its factories would absorb displaced farmers, said it would “export goods, not people.”

But in hindsight, the agricultural elements of the pact were brutal on Mexico’s corn farmers. A flood of U.S. corn imports, combined with subsidies that favor agribusiness, are blamed for the loss of 2 million farm jobs in Mexico. The trade pact worsened illegal migration, some experts say, particularly in areas where small farmers barely eke out a living.

Lunatic Obamagogue Ambassador Example of Merit Pay: Exit, stage left, for U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg Cynthia Stroum.

Stroum, a Seattle philanthropist, venture capitalist and a major Democratic fundraiser selected by President Barack Obama to be the face of the U.S. in the speck European nation of just under 500,000, has left her post before a scathing report about her was made public, according to N.P.R.
H ow bad were things at the embassy under her management? Well, some embassy staffers accepted transfers to Kabul, Afghanistan and Baghdad, Iraq, which certainly is one way to make a statement ..

She got the Luxembourg post because of her donations to Obama
As is the history with the ho-hum duties of being Luxemburg’s ambassador, this job is handed to an individual who brings in cash during a presidential campaign. According to, Stroum was a “bundler” who saw to it that a cool $500,000 made it into Obama’s coffers.

The International Hot War of the Rich on the Poor:

Obamagogue, Trainer, Armorer of Egypt’s Police and Military, Calls for Peace, Rights, and Non-Violence (plus oil, cheap labor…)

The State Department’s chief spokesman, Philip Crowley, says on Twitter that Mubarak ‘can’t reshuffle the deck and then stand pat.’ But the Obama administration reacts positively to Omar Suleiman being named vice president.,0,2811094.story

Real News Roots of the Egyptian Uprisings:

Dictators Do Not Dictate, They Obey Orders: The Mubarak regime could collapse in the a face of a nationwide protest movement… What prospects for Egypt and the Arab World?

“Dictators” do not dictate, they obey orders. This is true in Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria.

Dictators are invariably political puppets. Dictators do not decide.

President Hosni Mubarak was a faithful servant of Western economic interests and so was Ben Ali.

The national government is the object of the protest movement.

The objective is to unseat the puppet rather than the puppet-master.

The slogans in Egypt are “Down with Mubarak, Down with the Regime”. No anti-American posters have been reported… The overriding and destructive influence of the USA in Egypt and throughout the Middle East remains unheralded.

The foreign powers which operate behind the scenes are shielded from the protest movement.

No significant political change will occur unless the issue of foreign interference is meaningfully addressed by the protest movement. …
The cooptation of the leaders of major opposition parties and civil society organizations in anticipation of the collapse of an authoritarian puppet government is part of Washington’s design, applied in different regions of the World.

The process of cooptation is implemented and financed by US based foundations including the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Freedom House (FH). Both FH and the NED have links to the US Congress. the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the US business establishment. Both the NED and FH are known to have ties to the CIA.

The NED is actively involved in Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria. Freedom House supports several civil society organizations in Egypt.

“The NED was established by the Reagan administration after the CIA’s role in covertly funding efforts to overthrow foreign governments was brought to light, leading to the discrediting of the parties, movements, journals, books, newspapers and individuals that received CIA funding. … As a bipartisan endowment, with participation from the two major parties, as well as the AFL-CIO and US Chamber of Commerce, the NED took over the financing of foreign overthrow movements, but overtly and under the rubric of “democracy promotion.” (Stephen Gowans, January « 2011 “What’s left” …

The puppet masters support dissent against their own puppets?

Its called “political leveraging”, “manufacturing dissent”. Support the dictator as well as the opponents of the dictator as a means of controlling the political opposition.

These actions on the part of Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy, on behalf of the Bush and Obama administrations, ensure that the US funded civil society opposition will not direct their energies against the puppet masters behind the Mubarak regime, namely the US government.

These US funded civil society organizations act as a “Trojan Horse” which becomes embedded within the protest movement. They protect the interests of the puppet masters. They ensure that the grassroots protest movement will not address the broader issue of foreign interference in the affairs of sovereign states…
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt constitutes the largest segment of the opposition to president Mubarak. According to reports, The Muslim Brotherhood dominates the protest movement.

While there is a constitutional ban against religious political parties Brotherhood members elected to Egypt’s parliament as “independents” constitute the largest parliamentary block.

The Brotherhood, however, does not constitute a direct threat to Washington’s economic and strategic interests in the region. Western intelligence agencies have a longstanding history of collaboration with the Brotherhood. Britain’s support of the Brotherhood instrumented through the British Secret Service dates back to the 1940s. Starting in the 1950s, according to former intelligence official William Baer, “The CIA [funnelled] support to the Muslim Brotherhood because of “the Brotherhood’s commendable capability to overthrow Nasser.”1954-1970: CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood Ally to Oppose Egyptian President Nasser, These covert links to the CIA were maintained in the post-Nasser era…

“Humanitarian” Warships Head to Egypt: The Pentagon is moving U.S. warships and other military assets to make sure it is prepared in case evacuation of U.S. citizens from Egypt becomes necessary, officials said Friday. ..Pentagon officials emphasized that military intervention in Egypt was not being contemplated and that the warships were being moved only for contingency purposes in case evacuations became necessary. In addition to the Marines, the Kearsarge normally carries around four dozen helicopters and harrier jets…

Aircraft Carrier Reagan Heads to Arabian Sea: The Navy aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan departed San Diego this morning for exercises and then a regular deployment of at least six months.

The Reagan will take part in battle-force exercises off the California coast before leaving for the Western Pacific and the Arabian Sea for a tour of duty.

The Emergence of Fascism as a Mass Multi-tentacled Force:

Who Is Frank Wisner, Obamagogue’s Boy in Egypt: Obama’s man in Egypt is Frank G. Wisner. His father, Frank Wisner, worked for the   U.S. Office of Strategic Services (which later morphed into the Central Intelligence Agency). During WWII, Wisner the elder was targeting the U.S. ally, the Soviet Union. In 1943, mid-war, Wisner recruited Reinhold Gehlen, a chief inside Nazi intelligence, to work with him in planning to offset advances of the USSR during and after the war.
Following the war, Wisner set up “rat-lines,” running frequently through the Vatican, allowing wanted Nazi war criminals to escape prosecution: Operation Paperclip. Thousands of them wound up in the United States where, not surprisingly, they were ineffective against the USSR (Paperclip was riddled with Soviet spies), but pretty effective in continuing their fascist activities in the U.S. and around the world. 
We know the German Nazis and the Muslim Brotherhood (probably influencing or having membership from about 30 percent of Egypt’s population now) had close ties, the Brotherhood circulating Nazi tracts like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
The senior Wisner, obsessed with the USSR, also set up Operation Mockingbird, a blowback scam organized to, illegally, influence US media. In the fifties, Wisner claimed he ran significant sectors of the media, including writers and editors for the New York Times and the Washington Post…

Frank G. Wisner, the son (above), is said by White House spokesmen to have vast experience with Egypt and the region.

However, his most recent experience was with American International Group (AIG), of bailout fame, the insurance agency that nearly toppled the world’s financial system, standing at the top of a pyramid-ponzi scheme that resulted in a $12.9 trillion dollar shift of public monies to private bankssters during the “housing crisis.”
Prior to that, he worked for another failed grift: an offshoot of Enron.

Why does Kings Speech Ignore the Fascist in House of Windsor?

(Above: Tyrants disguised as people with Funny Hats)

Why wasn’t this story told? The likely answer is that even highbrow critics and audiences love to toast the House of Windsor. While the Royal Family may frequently appear more tawdry than anything else, cheap American Anglophilia can always be counted on to provide thunderous applause

Solidarity Forever:

AFL-CIO and Chamber of Commerce Hug Obamagogue: Mr. Donohue, head of the pro-business Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO labor federal, issued a joint statement to laud President Barack Obama’s calls for additional federal investments in the country’s roads, bridges, railways and schools.  (Below: Obamagogue and  Quisling Trumka)

Best Thing in the History of the World:

So Long Charlie Callas:

And Gladys Horton:

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