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Rouge Forum Broadside: All Out Against the Wars

Monday, November 30th, 2009

The Demagogue, Obama, Now Promotes War Squared!

To The Streets Of Every City!

Educate! Agitate! Escalate! Occupy!


All Out Against The Wars of the Rich on the Poor!

This is the Eight Year Old Rouge Forum Classic:

Got War?

Sure, we got plenty of them. Wars on every continent but two, and those two send combatants everywhere. War in Nepal, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Iraq, Sub-Saharan Africa, Israel, Palestine, Chiapas, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Korea, Phillippines, Burma, Argentina. We got lots of wars. We got cold wars, hot wars, low intensity wars, drug wars, wars on civil liberties, genocidal wars, secret wars, open wars, indeed we got a US budget over $400 billion for war. Got war? You bought it.

Got Capitalism?

Capitalism won! This is as good as it gets! Capitalism means perpetual war, just as the U.S. national leadership promises to the citizenry. Endless war, forever and ever, amen, always within the context of an international war of the rich on the poor, with every government everywhere serving as a weapon of elites. The Masters are always at war on the slaves, and they call that peace and make laws to preserve the peace. When they want slaves to make war on another Master, that is democracy and justice.

Want More?

Capitalism as a social system demands a relentless search for cheaper labor, markets, a war on the earth and its people for raw materials, the destruction of reason through divide and conquer tactics like nationalism, racism, sexism, all to guarantee the greatest profits–for a very few. The only way out of perpetual war is to strike  war’s  source, a system set to work by fear and greed: Capitalism. Want more war? Stick with capitalism. It is 100 % guaranteed. No money back.

The trappings of capital are always on sale: spectacles like the Superbowl, segregated schools and their high-stakes tests, Nike logos, casinos.  Sell your soul with patriotic consumer debt on a SUV. Sell your life—to a military recruiter. The more you like capital, the better a slave you will be. If you work hard, someday you might make it all the way up to foreman, captain, or house slave. Well, probably not. Sell your neighbor, sell your kids.  Open a for-profit jail. Buy capitalism, racism, nationalism, sexism. Buy war. Get your brass coffin and grave sites early. There is going to be a rush. Open 24 hours.

Money Can Buy Almost Anything!

But not everything.

No matter what, for most people work sucks. Those who have jobs face a meaningless future pushing buttons at McBoss. Bosses must drive work faster, use technology not to improve life but to lay people off. Employers must try to strip the creative minds of  workers and replace them with the boss’s mind, to maximize profits. Inequality grows, as it must. On every job, every day, people resist. Most people know the bosses and their government tell lies all the time, especially when they go to war. Despite the main message of capital, “Screw Everyone Else!” we take care of our neighbors, family and friends. And while the Masters hate the earth and destroy it for profits, we witness heroes sitting high in trees, risking their lives. Love, work, knowledge, community, harmony with nature; that capital cannot buy. United working people, students, soldiers, can win the world that capital cannot create. It might cost us our credit cards–and a massive change of mind–a new world born in the ashes of the old.

What to do? Fight back, on the job and off. Organize. Shut down the schools. Start Freedom Schools. Close the workplaces. Stop soldiering.  Without us, nothing moves. Strike, think, strike again.

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Stop the War. Stop Capital. Unite and Fight.  Join Us—or them.

It smashes down forests and crushes a hundred men.
But it has one defect
It needs a driver.

Bertolt Brecht, “German War Primer”