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Rouge Forum Update: Resistance Rises!

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Dear Friends,

The Rouge Forum No Blood For Oil web page is updated at

The resistance to the results of endless and lost wars, the outright theft of $12.9 trillion by the banks, another $130 billion by the auto companies, and the creation of the corporate state is heartening, even if the resistance aims at only the results if not the causes. There are always lessons from direct action. So, Up the Rebels!

Campuses Rising:

Building Seizure at UCSC:,
“It’s about time we stop playing by their rules,” Loseman said.

UC Berkeley; Is a Movement Rising?

The UCSD walkout was surprisingly impressive. It’s a guess, but about 400 people were in and out of the rally and march. The CSU union managed to suppress any news of the coming event. Why?

Sickout in Sweetwater

The education agenda is a perpetual war agenda.

Here is an npr piece on what others are doing elsewhere:

Emily Alptert on Gifted Teaching For All:

Alfie Kohn Makes NYTimes on Love and Discipline:

But Pressure From The Education Bosses Sharpens Too:

Prez Yudoff on the UC’s, a Hard Read:

Duncan Promises NCLB in Hyperspeed:

Bracey: The Failure of the CA Exit Exam:

Teacher Union Sellouts Come Home To Roost:

On the Perpetual War Front:

CIA’s Dramatic Expansion in Afghanistan:,0,1183243.story

The Most Massive War in Afghan History, Against Enemies the US Created:

Michael Klare, Life After the Oil Age:
“it would still take decades for this country to substantially reduce its dependence on oil and other non-renewable, polluting fuels.” Klare often forgets that oil moves the military. No military, no empire.

McChrystal (at the center of the lies about Pat Tillman) Wants 45,000 More Troops:

For those with a New Yorker subscription, or a friend with one, see the article about Richard Holbrooke, of failed Vietnam fame, Obama’s point man in AF-Pak, and clearly unable to learn a thing.

The Giant Financial Theft and the Aftermath:

David Rockefeller: Tariffs Cause Depressions and War: and the Wall Street Journal chimes in too:

Robert Reich on Government, the Bailouts, and Jobless Recovery:

Merit Pay to the Top US Execs: (bonuses a secret).

Interactive Map of the Depression Today:

Even the soft left begins to see that Michael Moore is a dishonest self-indulgent rat:—capita_b_297503.html

Spectators from Time Inc Move to Detroit to watch the last of the death by a thousand cuts:

What is Next?

The Rouge Forum Steering Committee will meet in Pittsburgh in early November.

Berkeley students called for a mass meeting there for all to join on October 24. Details to come.

October 16. 150 years since John Brown’s raid.

What to Do with the US Unions?

Thanks to Gina and Adam, Amber, Sharon, Cynthia, Erin and Erin, Taylor, Jody, and that whole courageous gang. the UCSD A’s, Dr Johnson, Candace, Rudy, Arturo, Joe, Vince, Marty, Donna, Elvira, and the Susans.

Good luck to us, every one.