AFT Backs Capital's War on Iraq
As the military and political showdown on Iraq heats up, AFT executive
council members approved a comprehensive resolution Jan. 23 recognizing the
threat of Saddam Hussein to the region and the world as well as the need
for action to force him to give up his weapons of mass destruction. The
resolution condemns Saddam Hussein's regime of terror, torture and
systematic murder against his own people and the threat he poses to
stability in the Middle East and the national security interest of the
United States. The resolution was critical of how President Bush has
handled the crisis on Iraq, noting that the union is "gravely concerned"
that the president "is pursuing a deeply partisan domestic agenda at a time
of prospective war." Nevertheless, "we know that our position on national
security issues must be taken in response to security threats and not from
our disagreement with the administration on other issues." In the debate,
council members noted that if military action in Iraq is necessary, a
program to promote democratic institutions--and not just a change in
regime--must be created in the aftermath. Any international military action
in Iraq "must be followed by a comprehensive and fully funded international
program to rebuild the nation's infrastructure," says the resolution, as
well as economic rehabilitation, free and open education, basic healthcare,
the rule of law, tolerance for religious diversity and the right to free
association. The full text of the resolution is posted online at
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