AFT Helps Provide Edge to Clinton in Three Primary Victories
Watch video highlights of AFT rallies
in Ohio and Texas.

Three important victories, three successful campaign operations by the AFT and its affiliates. That was the story from the March 4 Democratic primaries, where Hillary Clinton scored important wins in Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas. In all three states, AFT volunteers and staff mounted aggressive efforts to mobilize members on behalf of Clinton, whom the AFT executive council voted to endorse in October.

"Voters across the country showed that they recognize Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to lead our nation," AFT president Edward J. McElroy said. "AFT members and other voters in Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas responded enthusiastically to Clinton because they know she is ready to turn the economy around, expand access to healthcare and improve America's standing in the world."

As in many of Clinton's previous primary victories, AFT members helped provide the crucial edge for Clinton in these states. The AFT's member-to-member outreach program included mailings, phone banking and canvassing to educate members about the issues and encourage them to support Clinton.

Clinton attracted strong union support in Ohio and Rhode Island, the two states where CNN exit polls asked about union voters: She received 56 percent of union members' votes in Ohio and 58 percent in Rhode Island.

In all three states where Clinton won, AFT members were working on her behalf right up until the polls closed. The weekend before the election saw intense activity in the primary states. United Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten, who is also an AFT vice president, spent much of the weekend in Ohio­and brought along a contingent of her New York City members to help out­boosting the efforts of volunteers and speaking at some Clinton campaign events.

The union's Campaign 2008 site includes lots more information about the candidate and the campaign, including video highlights of AFT rallies in Ohio and Texas.

Twelve more primaries remain between now and June 7. Much of the focus now turns to Pennsylvania, where the AFT has a large membership. That primary is set for April 22.