San Diego Historical Databases Last Two Fascist SD Youth Cop Pleas for Attack Rascist Youth Attackers Get Slapped Wrists
The Rich Boys of San Diego: CEO Earnings
* Executive pay in San Diego County A-M
* Executive pay in San Diego County L-Z
Sempra Cheated and Lied to San Diego Moores Willing to Shut for a Year to Beat Players
Richest Billionaires in San Diego BumFight Video Fascist Arraigned LeMesa's Pride: Bumfights
Clear Channel Rules SD and TJ Airwaves Moores Threatens SDSU More Fascist Migrant Attackers Wrists Slapped
San Diego Stays Afloat In Economic Crisis Southern Cal to Get Fluoride Don Bauder's Last Column: The Deepening Crisis of US Capital
The San Diego Trolley Scam
San Diego Book of Facts
Warmakers Set San Diego Ablaze
Delay in Aerial Water Drops Is Criticized San Diego Unique in Failing to Fight Fire Choppers Turned Away from Fire By Forest Service
Navy Choppers Turned Away from Fire
patriots vs strippers---and fascism Fascist Youth March in El Cajon
Gateway Leaves San Diego
The Article that Got Neal Morgan Fired from the UT
Where Do Those Poor Kids Go? Cedar Firestarter Martinez Heads to Grand Jury
Fall From Frugality Puts San Diego on Fiscal Brink
Sunny San Diego Finds Itself Being Viewed as a Kind of Enron-by-the-Sea Budget Use of Pensions Sows Trouble in San Diego
Frye Candidacy Demonstrates Undercurrents in San Diego: LA Times
Two San Diego councilmen convicted on corruption charges
San Diego mayor, councilman convicted
San Diego Voters Talking Tough
San Diego's Audit Firm Bosses Indicted Land Seizures In City Heights And National City
Sanders Crushes Frye In SD Vote: Dot Com Bubble Boys Beat Surfer
Gateway Chief Out; Chairman Steps In
Aguirre Sues Madahaffer for Pension Corruption
Unconstitutional and Wrong
After Scandals, Usually Sunny San Diegans Wonder if City Has Hit Bottom

Briber Wilkes SDSU Honor Boy and on The Mysterious Foundation

SD Council Gangsters Use Tax Money to Pay Legal Bills
Even UT Notes Madahaffer Spends Bucks on Strange Woman's Salary
Supreme Court justice delays order to remove Soledad cross
Cops Attack Migrant Camps
Kroll Lollygags, Then Blames City Attorney
SDSU's Hero Wilkes Details Crimes War Criminal Cunningham's Wife Begs Off
Navarette on the Kroll Scam Aguirre Attacks Kroll
San Diego Issues Boil Water Order, and Covers it Up Maienschein Claims He was Too Stupid To Know In Kroll's Aftermath, Aguirre Continues Attack
The 20 Million Kroll Scam Another SD Pension Fund In Crisis
Sanders Ducks His Own Audit Deadlines
Manchester Pays $50,000 and Waterfront Deal Goes Forward Land deal, push from mayor's ally linked in suit
Feds' mirror reflects ugly truth about San Diego
SEC, city reach settlement on fraud charges
San Diego Corrupt Pension Bosses Took $900 Million Payoffs
SEC Probe Continues Into Individual SD Crooked Politicians
SEC slams city on pension debt
Aguirre Uses Year End Report to Attack U-T and Other Crooks Pat Shea on the San Diego Narcolepsy of 2006
UT and Police Lie On Aguirre
UCSD and SDSUL Democracy with a Price Tag

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