Questions for Criticism

1. What is the unstated or underlying ideology?

2. Does the text encourage rational examination and analysis or advocate appeals to faith or does it favor "banking" types of education skills, that is, an employee mentality?

3. What is the historical location of the piece?

4. Who is the author/speaker? How is this person represented? Who are the sponsors?

5. How do the sponsors-authors represent themselves?

6. Who is the audience? Their interests?

7. Why is the material presented here, in this way?

8. How are interrelationships presented?

9. Who gains? Who is hurt?

10. What is the text's position in regard to issues of race, class, sex, age, nationality, etc?

11. What is the unspoken center of the piece?

12. What is urged? What is the project?

13. What is created through the form, the graphics, the geometry, the timing, the sound, the silences?